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It was surprisingly long to swim, but I was not afraid for myself, because in Sverdlovsk I could swim across the huge lake Shartash back and forth without stopping.
And this is despite the fact that the water there is easier and colder than at sea.
Finally, the beach disappeared from view and the notorious seagulls appeared, they covered all the rock, they shouted like shredded ones, protecting their chicks sitting next to them in the rocks.
Here one seagull began to dive at Irishka, and when she had already flown close enough, the girl simply folded her arms over her head and disappeared under the water.
The seagull dropped her stinking bomb from her cloaca onto Irishka and soared upwards.
We deliberately did not swim nearby, so that the seagulls would not be comfortable attacking us together immediately, beating, so to speak, over the squares.
While we were swimming this cliff, Irisha and I had to dive twenty times.
Finally, the seagulls began to thin out and Irisha turned to the rock.
When we swam there, I saw a ledge on the water, at a depth of about a meter, on which it was possible to stand, though it was strewn with small mussels and we sometimes cut our legs about them, but from this ledge we could climb on the barely noticeable steps rock
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