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Soon, however, the waterfall dried up, but the pot did not disappear, and still hung under Alex’s booty.
The boy hung motionless for a few seconds, then tensed and a second portion of water poured onto the black plastic.
Then there was a loud “bunch” and Alex smiled blissfully.
Glancing over his shoulder, he noticed Mike, who, with burning eyes, was watching the whole execution.
The boy turned red as a tomato, imagining what his sister had just seen, but then his torment continued again.

The panel turned horizontally again and another tube was attached to its pink hole.
Its tip was smooth and glistened with a gel that covered the whole tube.
The car put a tube to Alex’s anus, and began to push it inside.
It was a bit unpleasant, but the boy knew that it was useless to resist – it would be even worse.
The machine is not a man, has no pity.
Inside his intestine the balloon was inflated again.
Alex internally shrank, waiting for the flow of water under pressure, which will wash it for another fifteen minutes.

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Indeed, he soon felt the familiar tickling in the guts, then the feeling of fullness, which gradually grew into unbearable pressure.
This time the torture did not last long.
The water stopped flowing, then something clicked in the car, and the water went back through the tube.
Alex pushed warm water out of himself, feeling the pleasure of feeling like an empty bowel.
But only he had time to feel bliss, as water began to flow back into the intestines.
This time there was even more water, and it penetrated into every nook and cranny of Alex’s labyrinth.
The boy groaned when the pressure peaked, he felt pain in his stomach and nausea.
Again something switched and Alex’s intestines began to empty.
With moans of enjoyment, the boy squeezed the rest of the liquid from himself.
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