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And she is in the next room.
Nastya lifted Olga’s skirt, throwing it on her back and pulled up a turtleneck, freeing the girl’s chest at will, which made her feel open, vulnerable.
And then she lay back on the couch and settled herself more comfortably.
And Olya: Olya looked at the screen with all her eyes.
Here it is.
Yeah, whoever invented “entertainment” for Olga, he clearly knew how to choose.
Sonya opened her eyes for a moment, glanced in the direction of the camera and slid off the sofa lightly.
And Olga immediately recognized the man who had so passionately kissed her just a second ago.
Oleg was hard to miss.
For the first time, Olga deservedly appreciated his body.
Tall, well-tailored.
With powerful muscles throughout the body, received hours of tedious workouts in the gym.

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Yes, and manhood did not disappoint.
Long, under twenty centimeters, a member proudly stood in front of his girlfriend.
Sonya put her hand on Oleg’s shoulder and laid him on the sofa, so that the camera was clearly on the side.
And the girl once again glanced at the camera and lay down at his feet.
Evaluating Sonya, Oli’s eyes now and then returned to high boots.
It seems to be a little detail, but it excited perception.
So Olga began to evaluate it from her feet.
Sonya’s skin was smooth and very pale, as if she hadn’t been at the beach, or at least just outside this year.
The cat was clean shaven.
And Sonia’s labia were much larger than Olya or Nastya herself.
Magnificent, longitudinal.
Olga had a crazy thought that there, probably, it was possible to shove not only a small ball, but also a whole hand.

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Tightening tummy, fluffy, slightly sagging chest.
Long arms with wide wrists, more common in men.
Thin fingers on his hands, which flaunted pieces of five rings.
She was a brunette, with straight hair just below the neck.
Not black, but not light.
Dark brown hair, as Olya noticed later, is light-straw at the roots.
A slightly elongated face, not devoid of a certain beauty, slightly slanted eyes.
And small earrings-pendants in the ears.
Eyes were strongly summed up, almost black shadows lay on the eyelids, and lips had an unnaturally saturated pink hue.
Sonia settled down at Oleg’s feet, on the other side of the camera.
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