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First orgasm cam.
Sasha did not understand how he manages to use the second maid without interruption.
The sweet melting movements of the tongue began again around the black cock prick, and Sasha wanted to move away just in case, but quickly became convinced that he could not get rid of the black cock.
Then he ceased to resist and completely surrendered to the movements of the black dick in the mouth of the maid savoring him, until her pink and sweaty face also fell under the spray of the black dick.
Sasha with fear realized that he was still empty for one more measure, and instantly the rebellious black dick was already pulling into her mouth another maid with a burning look from under her long eyelashes.
Sasha began to break out of the circle of kittens, but the black dick did not let him in, forcing him to enjoy, enjoy and become empty after every well-worn maid.
Finally, all the kittens, rather licking their lips and purring, were tiredly lying on the rugs, and Sasha managed to tear the black cock from his body.
Down in his stomach, he felt so empty, so light that he seemed to fly.
And his chest, on the contrary, crushed and squeezed; he breathed raggedly.
Freed, Sasha rushed headlong into the corridor, flew in confusion in the twilight along the bars and exhausted, fluttered into his room, falling unconscious on a pillow.
Sasha woke up in the dark room and thought: “What a strange dream!” His head was so preoccupied with reflections about dreams that he was not surprised that his body seemed to be numb from sleeping on the floor.

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Nevertheless, he awkwardly climbed on the legs that had become strangers, gropingly found the door, touching his chest with his hands, and, kosolapo unfolding his hips at each step, went out into the corridor.
In the twilight, he quickly found the way to the exit, deciding that he would leave without saying goodbye to a strange old woman

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Beyond the threshold, Sasha put on his shoes and went out into the yard under the drizzling rain.
He turned to the barely visible apple trees in the twilight, pushed the wicket bolt and walked out into the street.
– I hurry to the market.
Something I was late, – Sasha said loudly on the move, remembering the petals turning again and again in a beautiful garden.
The lanterns in this part of the city for some reason did not shine, and Sasha continually stumbled in the hollows on the asphalt.
He walked quickly, turning off the sidewalk onto the road, when he saw several guys squatting with lights in his mouth.
“Hey, beautiful, where are you in a hurry?” – he heard from their side.
“Let’s go talk, drink wine, eat a barbecue.”
“On another occasion, he would have himself gazed at the beauties, but he really did not want to upset the mother who remained behind the counter.
And besides, he was afraid of big boys.
Once on the road next to him the car of an unusual form stopped overseas, and the driver from the inside said with a hoarse laugh: “Sit down, slut, give a ride.
Will you take it on your cheek? ”Sasha, blushing like a tomato, did not even look back at the slut, who, apparently, was doing the same thing as the heroes of his dreams in the old woman’s house.
Sasha was lucky to see several foreign cars at a large intersection.
In the square for the couple of hours that he slept with an old woman, they removed a red poster, “Peace to the World!” with graceful gilded sickle and a hammer above, and instead he dug in some kind of coarse colorful picture with a stupid red bottle, apparently against drunkenness, and a strange inscription, as far as Sasha could make out in the twilight, said: “Drink, suck – an owl.”
Sasha again remembered his dreams and again blushed to tears. First orgasm cam.

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