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When I returned, my Vadik was naked on the couch, head down and squeezing his legs tightly.
I walked over, gently put his arm around his shoulders, took his hands as if helping to get up.
He stood in front of me in full growth, frantically covering his pisunchik and testicles with one hand.
But when I, without making special efforts, took this hand aside, Vadik did not resist and appeared, at last, in front of me in all its glory.
I could not take my eyes off of his appealingly protruding pink dandy, which for some reason, by the will of Vadkina’s parents, was deprived of its covering skin and which contrasted so much with my “carrot”.
At first she looked almost vertically at the floor, and after a few seconds after my friend’s pisunchik appeared at my sight, she too, tensed up, took a more horizontal position, but the tip continued to remain closed.
I could not wait and reached out with my hand to the Vadikin

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“magnetics”, and when I gently touched his testicles, he immediately squatted down on his haunches, apparently embarrassed by the behavior of his excited boyfriend, and his face was at the level of my carrot.
It was red, the lips were trembling, I leaned over Vadik and pressed my lips to his cheeks, and in response he hugged me by the waist and unexpectedly kissed the top of my pop bun.
After that, he immediately jumped up and with the words: “It’s time to dress,” jumped out like a bullet in a dressing room.

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I couldn’t immediately rush after him, because my approximately 6-cm centimeter turned into a solid rod 12–13 centimeters long with a head hardly visible from its cover.
Having waited until everything “there” came to me in a relative norm, I went out to the already almost dressed Vadik.
And he.
he did not give me anything to put on himself, hugged me and began to gently kiss on the cheeks, stomach, naked buns of my ass, and then sat down and touched my hot and moist lips to my newly rebellious friend.
It is difficult for me now to convey the pleasure that I felt then, it was something incomparable and unsurpassed! (And I note – with virtually no sex!)
I can not say that it happened by chance.
I waited, looking for such a meeting too long.
Preparing for her, imagining everything to the smallest detail: what clothes would be on me, what he would do first, what then: I scrolled episode by episode, but did not fully believe that it was destined to come true.
In our small town, even with a girl is unreal to meet, not to mention the male reciprocity.
It always seemed to me that such a guy as I at least one man would want: thin build, blond hair, sky blue eyes.
A kind of cross between a boy and a girl with a clear margin to the latter.
But time passed, and no one in my life appeared.
For several months now I have wanted to feel like a depraved girl, to feel the power of a real male, who does not stand on ceremony and does not hear requests for mercy.
My ass has long wanted a real male body, vzdyblennogo and tireless.
In the meantime, she was content only with an artificial phallus and hot enemas, washing away the remnants of shame and hope from me.
That day came when I completely reconciled with my unrealizable fantasies.
If it was not destined, then so be it.
And he did not notice how he gradually began to move away from blue dreams back to dreams of a juicy vulva and large breasts.
Vibrator less and less happened in my depths, and masturbation began to take place under normal porn, and not under gay stories and a minor Internet video on the same topic.
That’s when it all happened. Desi sex live mms.

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