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He neatly covered with a skirt Lena’s ass in panties wet from his sperm and went to his corner.
My own legs trembled no less.
It was already time for me to “come back from the buffet”.
After a short pause in order to recover a little from what was experienced, I returned to room F.
Vodka is over and as always on me, – I said sadly.
And to hell with it, F. was clearly delighted.
– It’s late, and get up early tomorrow.
Yes, we will go now.
I’ll just wake Lena up, ”I said.
I began to pull at Lena’s shoulder.
She opened her eyes and sat up.
Let’s go to sleep.
It’s late, I said.
Lena got up.
nights, she said.
The pause was apparently caused by the sensation, to put it mildly, of excessive moisture between the legs.
Come on, let’s go, ”I said, not giving her time to come to her senses.

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We left the room.
My wife looked at me with large eyes, in which there was surprise and a question.
But she said nothing.
When we entered our room, she immediately went to the bathroom.
I looked forward to her return with impatience and alarm.
Our whole further sex life depended on how she perceived what had happened.
Lena returned very soon, holding her panties in her hands.
I have all the panties in the sperm, even squeeze.
And pussy all in it, and ass.
Are you finished on me while I was sleeping? Yes, finished, not me, ”I said, looking into her eyes.
Like this? She asked, confused.
Come to me, I’ll tell you everything.
She came to me, and I sat her on his lap.
First, I kissed her long kiss passionately, at the same time pushing her hips and putting her palm on her pussy.

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The wife had not had time to wash away and was without panties.
Indeed, F tried hard, rubbing her sperm with her.
The whole pussy was sticky and wet, and the origin of this stickiness and wetness was not in doubt.
Continuing to caress my wife’s pussy smeared with sperm, I said: You see, when you slept, I accidentally pulled your skirt up.
F looked at your legs so that I could not resist and completely exposed your ass, so that he could admire her.
You should have seen him stand on you.
And I was terribly pleased to see how much you turn it on.
I myself was very excited by this.
I blurted out all this without letting Lena insert a word.
Lena was silent for a minute, and then asked: Was it really very pleasant to you?
Cristal bongacams.

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