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I obediently entered the small house, where immediately at the entrance stood long benches, along the walls were metal lockers, and in the back room there was a shower room.
Except for us there was nobody.
– You can sit on the bench while I take the ball into inventory.
There was not a lot of light in the room, or rather only one light bulb was burning, but I never saw any bag.
Number Nine came back, went to the front door and closed it on the latch.
I was a little scared, but did not show it, just looked at him.
“Are you a fagot? I was struck like a current.”
I looked down and did not know what to say to him.
– How old are you? – 22.
“What do you like to look at guys?” – A little.
The guy grinned and walked right up to me. Cam sex gay.

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