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Gradually it became clear that the girl was excited against the will (young people play hormones on conscience), but she clearly hates herself for it.

Sergey twisted his penis a couple of times, and bent over his outspread body.
Cock touched wet sponges.
“Seryozhenka, don’t, please, I’m still a girl,” Natalie suddenly whispered fiercely.
– you want, I better suck you? – Girl? – Sergey muffled gagyknul (although with these words he slammed hard, you can still prove the rape, if that) – I heard you in a dream with some Ruslan about the “bolt” chatted, “girl”: I, and in a dream he jerked off, and professionally! And after that, you give me — are you a girl ?! – True true! – she whispered pleadingly.
– Ruslan is my boyfriend, he is in the army now.
We did not: sleep: before his call.
I said that I would wait for him and take care of myself for him.
I just sucked him sometimes, and the bolt chased him in the stairwell.
Girl I: – and tears began to roll over into Natalie’s eyes.
Sergey was not a fool.
He immediately folded two plus two, and already wanted to agree just to have a blow job, but here: He remembered the porn movie that he had recently watched with Alexei.
– Then I will – you here, – and he again thrust the girl’s finger deep into anal.
– And this is the last assignment! Natalie sobbed softly and nodded her head.

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– Well, only you are cautious, otherwise I’m afraid to scream, we wake up Natasha.
– Just try to blather! Sergei again distorted his penis and began to figure out how to approach this magnificent ass.
– How are we going to do this? – whispered Natalie.
– Well, in what position: – Quiet, — d – confusedly ordered Sergey.
– Your job is to lie down, shut up, and have fun.
In fact, an experienced hero-lover simply did not know what to do – porn movies and “lectures” on sex education, read in some “Speed ​​Info”, were whirling around in my mind: But there was little point.
Sergey only remembered that if the couple tries anal sex for the first time, it is better to do this when the woman is lying on her back and best of all with her legs raised.
So least hurt the first time.
“Well, to hell with her, suddenly she will start to scream,” Sergey thought and told

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Natalie to take the desired position.
Then he (scrolling porn snatches in his head) forced the girl to slob his index finger and injected him, abundantly soaked, into the cherished hole.
Natalie bit her lip and closed her eyes.
Sergey is now not in a hurry.
He developed her a lot with his finger, taking it as deep as possible, and sometimes he did not forget to lick the smacking smell of small lips.
Then he gradually introduced two fingers, continuing to make translational-rotational movements.
There was no sound from Natalie.
Sergei thought it was a good sign, and tried to introduce three fingers (maybe, he will get used to – a member is just the same in thickness), but Natalie sighed softly, biting her lips.
– Quiet creature! – Sergey hissed in rage – Oh, you suck! He rushed to Natalie’s head and forcibly pushed his burning cock between his lips.
Several times he threw it into his mouth, he again returned to her ass and put his purple head against the brown hole. Big ass mature webcams.

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