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Including, with the obligations of non-disclosure of the company.
By signing, you will become a full member of our corporation.
– How can you combine secret and public relations? – It is even possible.
Believe me.
At that moment, he again caught Sergei Anatolyevich’s serious attentive gaze.
Caught and felt, it is not known why, soul mate.
Alex looked up at Shevchenko and said: – I believe you! “That’s great,” Shevchenko sincerely rejoiced, “if you, Alexander, are interested in the financial side of the issue, then you will receive five thousand euros for now.
– How many?! – Alex almost fell from the chair.
“Five thousand euros,” Sergey Anatolyevich repeated once more, “we really appreciate our employees.”
Yes, it is now clear why such super beauties work for them in the company.
Probably no less money is received, Alex thought, and he began to quickly sign documents.
Sergey Anatolyevich only grinned at his thoughts.
Alex finished the signing procedure in a few minutes and handed over the package of documents to Shevchenko. Best online sex toys.

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