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Lena put her purse on the ground and began to undress.
She took off her T-shirt, looked for where to put it, did not find it, put it right on the sidewalk and began to untie the sneakers.
Never in her life was she so ashamed.
She felt herself blush badly, but that was just the beginning.
Taking off her sneakers, she unbuttoned and pulled off her jeans, put them on the sidewalk next to the T-shirt and stood up, stopped.
The girl, linen is generally prohibited, except for stockings.
Take pictures, take pictures, we can’t deal with you all day, ”the lieutenant said with irritation.
Feeling that her legs were flexing, Lena put her hands behind her back and unzipped the bra clasp.
Closing her eyes and biting her lip, she abruptly removed her bra, threw it on a pile of clothes, and froze, covering her breasts with her hands.

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She could not force herself to remove her hands from her chest and take off her underpants.
Well, that’s enough, ”said the lieutenant, stepped toward her and yanked her panties to the bottom.
With a gasp, Lena covered the lower abdomen with one hand and crouched a little.
You are bothering me,.
the girl, the lieutenant said even more irritably.
– Quickly straighten up, hands behind your head, stand next to the girl! Lena exhaled, closed her eyes again and obeyed.
From the crowd of onlookers on the contrary, which by this time reached the man of forty, a unanimous sigh of admiration broke out – Lena was a miracle as well, and in this pose with her chest sticking forward especially.
Ment meanwhile, pulling off her ankles panties and throwing them to the rest of the clothes, switched to the blonde.

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Let’s show the documents.
The girl quickly sat down to her bag lying on the sidewalk and took out a passport and some other notebook and album.
So, what have we got here? Notebook recording sexual partners, – said the lieutenant, leafing through the notebook.
– It’s ok.
Now show the portfolio.
The girl, handing him the album, again stood stretched out and laid her hands behind her head.
The lieutenant slowly, with gusto, flipped through the album, lingering for a few seconds on each photo.
Lena has never experienced such a terrible shame.
She, absolutely naked, stands in the slave pose in the middle of the street, and several dozens of men are staring at her – she could not imagine anything worse than herself.
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