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and then suddenly I enter you sharply.
you moan and close your eyes.
and then in a frenzy, I enter you again and again.
and can no longer control myself.
every time you scream harder and harder.
She: bliss.
now my hand is all in my juices.
He: I put my hands under your buttocks and lightly pinch them.
She: I want to feel the flow of my sperm in my vagina.
She: it’s hard for me to say.
it is a paradise.
He: yes !!! YES !! YES !!! You have been waiting for.
My dick spits out jerks of cum at you.
and me too.
I gently kiss your earlobe and stroke your breasts.
and your tummy still twitches and brings me a sea of ??bliss.
She: you overpowered me.
I touch my pussy with my hand with the

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desire to wet my hand in your sperm.
I grease my nipples with a wet hand.
He: but I do not want to leave you.
I whisper my mile to you.
I am in the seventh heaven.
She: thanks !!!!!! I have no words !!! I experienced an orgasm.
strongest orgasm.
– H.
“Ball? Well.
You constantly ask – how do I write stories? If you want to know exactly how I write stories and what I do to come up with a new idea, then I will tell you.
I just follow the girls down the street and look at their heels.

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It’s simple.
Now it’s summertime and most girls most often shoe in open shoes, which makes it possible to look at their beautiful feet in motion.
Since heels are the most exciting part of the female body for me, there is nothing more beautiful than to see divine women’s feet in motion.
Most of all I get excited from the legs of girls who play sports and who have well-pronounced Achilles tendon, which thereby makes the heel even more sexy.
It especially catches your soul when a short girl with a pretty figure and all the parameters listed above walks in front of you in ordinary slaps and every time she moves her leg, not only the heels of her sports legs become visible, but the whole one goes up to the pads.
Seeing this, I barely have time to get to the house to run, close the door behind me and urgently jerk off, imagining how the surface of my tongue will come into contact with the surface of that heel of those sexy sports legs of a little girl.
I jerked off, remembering different girlish legs, dressed in different open shoes, sometimes so suitable for these divine heels, that the penis was filled with blood from only one of their appearance.
Sometimes these legs were dressed in black, light, bodily thin stockings and tights, which strengthened them in exciting quality.
Of course, always the most important thing is the personality of the girl, her character, views on life, actions and choices, and then everything else.
And, so, once such a passion for the legs ruined me.
I remember that on Saturday afternoon I walked through the streets of Moscow, listening to the player and appreciating the women’s feet in front, when suddenly I was hooked by the rather athletic beautiful legs of a serious young woman of 33 years old who was in a hurry with the child. Arab anal webcam.

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