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To be continued.
Briefly and clearly.
And it was all so.
My friend in Moscow has a fiance.
The groom is not a groom, but a long-time acquaintance, with whom she was long in love and had forgotten until recently.
He is married, but is now divorcing and, sort of, called her to him.
And we have a rather long love affair with her (either cooling relations, then splashing out in a new way).
I’m kind of like a tit in my arms for him, he’s a crane in the sky.
So she decided to clearly solve this problem (strictly speaking, I, and, perhaps, that “crane” insisted on it).
At the first opportunity I went on a business trip to Moscow.
Can you imagine what my condition was? After all, she will not only talk to him (although she only promised this), he will drag her to bed.
And you would not have dragged? I, in fact, am not jealous and at the time of cooling relations and afterwards calmly treated her hobbies.
But this is another matter.
In short, there was a strong desire to talk to someone or just get drunk.
I called my distant acquaintance, offered to sit, drink something.
We sit in a cafe, chatting, I don’t say anything about my problems.
But he felt something and said: “You need to have sex today, let’s go to the sauna? We’ll order the girls.
“I actually knew that he was bisexual, but then did not attach importance.

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Let’s go, girls ordered, but I “did not drive” – ​​no pleasure.
Let them go, sit, drink, chat.
He “brings” the conversation and I did not notice how we were in the rest room, he hugs me, caresses and gently, but persistently bends my head to his standing member.
And in my head – “And now my girl, probably, is already fucked.
And, probably, she sucks.
And in the ass, for sure, it will have.
A friend says: “You are embarrassed like a girl for the first time.
Come on, I will treat you as a girl? ”
He caresses me, I suck.
No, I don’t like it at all, but from the thought that they are doing the same thing with my girlfriend, I just start looking, act more energetically.
He cums in my mouth.
We sit, relax, drink beer.
He starts to get up, flips me.
I want to say no, but he – “Already naked girl, submits to the man.
“- and lubricates my ass with cream, holding my mouth with my hand, sharply inserts my ass.
The pain passes quickly and, suddenly, it becomes very unusually pleasant.
Yes, and the idea that my girlfriend is also fucked in the ass, turned me on.
I must say that I was always gentle with her and tried to give pleasure, often licked her, and I knew the taste of sperm.
Never forced her to do something,

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she rarely took in her mouth and only in a condom, and in the ass – no, no! “How do you fuck your girlfriend?” – He asks and puts me in dogi-style, knee-elbow position.
I do the same as she does with me, looking at the mirror wall – in the reddish twilight the picture is just a class! She would have seen.
In short, he twists me as I twist the girl – I’m under him, I’m standing with cancer, I’m on my side, he’s tired, I’m on it.
Already I am moving myself, with pleasure, I feel like a girl who has freed herself from taboos, a new feeling – a man fucks me and, actually, almost against my will. Amateur webcam sex.

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