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– Yes, in moments of tension crawl: Who taught you ?.
– I wanted to say “suck”, – uncomfortable, “blowjob” – also kind of embarrassing.
– Well, I say – all this? – Nobody taught.
I’ve seen enough on the Internet.
Do not you look ?.
: Two weeks later, we meet with the boy Grisha at the elevator.
Press the button.
We are waiting for the cab to roll.
I was covered with cold sweat.
“What, I think, to do? Where to go with shame? Why did I then call him into my apartment, you fool ?!” Entered the cabin.
And the boy Grisha suddenly says: – Uncle Lesh, I have no eggs again: For a long time.
Victor hung on me, clinging to his clothes, but he could not restrain himself and slid down to my feet.
– Sorry, take pity! – he complained.
– Do what you want, only: only: – he choked with tears, – just do not throw me, I beg, do not throw: I didn’t pay attention to his moans, shook his hands off my feet, squeezed the trousers with disgust and went out into the rain.
In a moment it became cold, ice drops penetrated the collar, and he followed me on the porch in one T-shirt: “don’t leave!” I didn’t look back, I didn’t care, and what can I do now, I decided, and I won’t change my decision.
“Please, please, I beg you:” He clung to me again, having flown in a hurricane, and I felt the body of unfortunate Victor shake.
“Well, what are

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you, what are you,” I stroked his head, feeling that he was clinging to my hand, trying to take my palm in his hands, and I let him kiss his hand.

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“Go to the house, catch a cold,” I whisper, and Victor kisses and kisses my hand, closing his eyes, his tears mixed with raindrops.
“Well, forgive me, please forgive me,” he begins again.
“All right, that’s enough,” my voice becomes harsh, and I push Victor’s face away with the hand he has just kissed.
– Goodbye! – You, you’re just a fag, here you are! – he shouts heart-rendingly after me.
– Just asshole and fucking fag, I kicked you out, just know and you won’t come back, understand me, fag! I did not listen to Victor, did not want to listen, I was sorry to part with him, but I had to, I could not do otherwise.
How long ago it was, how long ago, and our first acquaintance, and the first meeting.
Victor came with his girlfriend to our house, we then lived with Eric together.
No one knew that we had more than just a neighborly relationship (we told everyone that we were renting an apartment for two), no one even guessed that we were old lovers.
We studied at the university together, and then came to work at one company.
And then, then I became interested in Victor.
He was adorable: a handsome, tall, broad-shouldered brunette with blue eyes.
I used to think that such men are found only in silly love women’s novels.
Fantastically attractive, with a cold haughty face, he riveted attention, he drove crazy, he hypnotized, he forced every muscle in my body to shiver, he turned me on, he became my constant fantasy.
I invited Victor to our house, I couldn’t take my eyes off him, I went crazy and, one day, Eric packed up his suitcases and left.
No, at first he still tried to talk to me, yes, he tried to explain to me that it is not worthwhile to wind up on the straight, that you need to know the measure and keep everything under control.
Poor Erik, he has always been judicious, impacted by his German blood and love of control and order.
And I, I did not heed his warnings, I fell and fell into the maelstrom of passion, I was an idiot.
Victor became my boss, and it turned me on even more, it excited me, especially when he started to call me to his carpet. Adult sex toys online shop.

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