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The blonde girlfriend, after waiting for the right moment, put her lips to the anus of her friend and began to take turns to caress her ass with her maid.
The groans of the three girls merged into one unison in a hot, dim room.
Not much cheered up by what was happening, I decided to take the initiative and with a sharp movement turned the depraved brunette first on her back and then on her stomach.
Blonde deft movement lay on his girlfriend, tightly pressed her breasts to her nipples.
With quick movements, I once again brought the brunette to orgasm and finally decided to tackle her friend at last more tightly.
Freeing the brunette’s tanned body from under the captivity, I forcefully entered the blonde lying on my back.
A cry of voluptuousness filled the room.
The brunette turned to face me, and to her friend, respectively, the booty, lay down on top of her body and began to passionately caress her clit with her tongue.
The blonde, lifting her head and sticking out her tongue, led him into the vagina of her friend.
Satisfying the blonde, I laid both girls back on the bed and gave each one his own foamy, as if spewing lava, sperm, ending both in my mouth.
After the sperm is consumed, the housewife friends merge into one voluptuous kiss.
Recovering from the feast of the flesh, I went down to the dining room and drank some more wine.
Then, even without calculating the strength, he disconnected right at the table.

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The cold summer dew unpleasantly covered my trembling body.
Lying alone, in a clearing wet from the morning dew, I woke up.
An abandoned house with its hospitable hostesses was no longer there.
What was it? A pleasant dream, inspired by the excessive pouring of alcohol, or my fantasy, whimsically merging with my mind because of the stress experienced? Looking around, I saw a small path and walked along it in the morning forest waking from sleep.

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Unexpectedly, I went to the federal highway and soon met a passing car.
“To Moscow,” I said to the driver, comfortably sitting in the seat next to the truck driver.
Warm in a warm cabin, I tried to comprehend what was happening.
In my head, one and the same obsessive thought about an abandoned house and two of its delightful, passionate housewives constantly turned.
Who are they and was the house itself that I was in last night?
Or maybe this is all I dreamed of? Unconsciously, the hand sank into a pocket and felt for some strange thing.
Pulling it out of my pocket, I saw a golden pendant lizard flashing in the rays of light.
– Boys, something tells me that today I will not regret that I met you! – Dasha said with a contented look.
She and Volodya looked at each other and smiled.
We rushed up the mountain slopes to the mansion.
After a couple of minutes, I suddenly heard moans from the back seat.
I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that Dasha was bending over Volodya’s knees, and the boy was looking at me with astonished, enthusiastic eyes.
It was unbelievable – the girl who met Volodya just five minutes ago was already giving him a blowjob! – Just do not stop now! – I asked the boy with a smile.
He understood my request – because the car will be completely filled with sperm; so he nodded knowingly.
Dasha, who still did not understand what it means to “finish” performed by Volodya, continued to suck.
When we stopped at the gate and got out of the car, Dasha said: “I have never seen such a big dick in a boy of your age!” And such large eggs! – And what, you have seen many members and eggs in boys? – I asked with a smile.
– Well.
Well, I understand what members are at this age! – she answered evasively.
– Wait a minute.
– I said.
– You have no idea who you contacted !.
We climbed into the hall – because there it is quite convenient to engage in group sex.
– You’re cool sucking! – said Volodya, coming up to Dasha.
– It was one of the coolest blowjob! A surprise appeared on Dasha’s face: – What does one of mean mean? Have you already done blowjob ?! I entered the conversation: – Dasha, this is true! Volodya is not new to sex, and believe me, having sex with this boy is something incredible! Tell me, because you want to do it with him? Dasha did not hide her desires and honestly admitted: – Well, actually, I liked him right away, right there, on the beach.
There is something in it.
something unusual that attracts.
I laughed: – Probably the size of his eggs? Did it impress you? – And this too! But the most important thing is that there is something in Volodia.
Some unreal energy, or something.
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