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We did not talk about what we had until it was time to go to bed, because we were so tired.
When we got under the blanket, I plucked up courage and asked if he was as good as me.
“Of course, silly one,” he answered, turning to me, and laughed.
“I do not dislike sex with women, you know, I just prefer men.
I haven’t had a woman for a long time, ”he thought,“ It’s been more than ten years now, ”“ Well, I’m glad that I wasn’t completely ordinary, ”I retorted, laughing with him.
“No, dear, you are something special.
In fact.
“- he took my hand and put it on his penis, which was in semi-fighting condition.
He flinched at my touch.
I laughed out loud, and then began to gently caress his fingers through the panties. 1080p hidden camera spy glasses.

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