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In general, we met with Serega, scooped up all sorts of goodies and drinks and came to me.
Sat down at the table, sit, chat and drink.
When everyone was already drunk enough, Serega began to glue Natasha, erotic jokes, trying to embrace and all that, and she didn’t.
And so it goes, it does not work.
So with nothing and left.
We sat with her a little more, drank brandy and decided to go to sleep.
we have one bed, we decided to sleep on it together, but under different blankets.
While Natasha was clearing the dishes off the table, I took a shower and fell into bed.
The light turned off in the room, but it was just a full moon and everything is perfectly visible.
In general, Natashka also took a shower and entered the room.
Look, and she is in some thong panties.
Crawled under the blanket.
We lie and continue to chat, she untied her tongue from drunk, switched to sexual topics.
She told me that she has a boyfriend at home, a cool lover and I don’t remember what else.
I already have a member smokes.
I put my hand under her blanket and start stroking her belly, gradually moving onto my chest, I feel her flinch and intermittently breathing.
I put my hand in her panties, I feel smooth-shaven, neat, wet lips and an excited clitoris bead.
I begin to caress and finally insert a finger into it.
She is already moaning about pleasure.

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I pull a blanket off of her, push aside a narrow strip of panties and start licking her already very wet pussy.
She wriggles and groans so that neighbors probably hear.
My lips are already glistening with her delicious grease, trying to shove my tongue as deep as possible into her.
And now she

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is beating in a sweet orgasm.
We lay down for a couple of minutes in silence.
I turn it into my favorite pose (on my side) and try to insert it.
She pinches her legs, says: Sash, I am ashamed, so I allowed myself a lot with the husband of my best friend.
But there is no confidence in the voice.
I am beginning to persuade her: Natasha, just see what is happening there, I want to finish too.
She takes my hard as a member in my hand and begins to cheer.
I’m excited to the limit.
She bends and touches the tongue of the head, holds them from top to bottom, rises back and swallows.
Makes a beautiful blowjob, after five minutes (although I must say that in alcohol I stand like a pole and I can not finish in hours) I can not stand it and start to finish it in her mouth.
She releases the penis from her mouth and diligently dips her plump lips with sperm.
Then he rises and kisses me on the lips, I lick the sperm from her face.
We fall and fall asleep without words.
The next day my devout arrives.
Meeting with a girlfriend, kisses and continuous female chatter: I got tired of this and I went to see friends playing cards.
I come back at nine o’clock, grabbing a couple of champagne and cognac for myself.
We sit, have dinner, chat.
My jokingly asks, they say, how you slept: Probably, knowing your girlfriend, she suspects something.
We, as if nothing had happened, answer that we slept like dead.
In general, the girls drank a bottle of champagne, well, I almost had a bottle of brandy.
The ladies got hooked with languages ​​about their friends at the institute, who married whom, how they live and everything. Watch sex and the city movie online free megavideo.

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