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Today, I chose a pregnant, all the others threw back into the box.
In appearance, she had a nice, neat face, juicy, slightly swollen breasts and a big belly.
White hair with chestnut strands were below the shoulders, covering the nipples slightly.
The zipper on the back was almost invisible when it was buttoned.
And most importantly, in this suit it was possible to engage in not only anal sex, such as a black woman or Japanese.
“Kitty” was designed so that almost completely repeated the female.
To the touch, the skin was indistinguishable from the real one, although it gleamed a little, giving out rubber, but for this I had a special powder.
I unzipped the suit and carried it into the shower to wash it from the inside and wet myself.
After all, it is better to wear it on a wet body to make it easier.
After thoroughly washing everything inside (after all, I put on this costume, unlike the teacher and Emochka for the first time), I climbed into the shower myself, leaving Veronichka (as I called her) to dry on a chair.
After washing, I dried myself and started to dress.
Remembering the previous times, I generously lubricated the inside of the suit with branded grease.

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The suit was a little cramped, but thanks to the lubricant I easily climbed inside the waist.
Member, as he was supposed to, went into a special notch.
With my finger, I stuck a part of the suit, imitating a hole in the ass (looks like an elephant’s trunk, honestly) in my ass.
As usual, it was painful, but now I’m a real woman from below.
With the top of the suit had to sweat.
Although my hands got into the “hands” of the suit, the “face” stuck tightly to mine (my lips had to be pushed into the grooves, shoved into my nostrils mini- “proboscis”, the rest of my face was glued to my own), but the body did not want to fasten.
I had to exhale to fasten the zipper.
After fastening, I hid her in a special indentation on the suit.
Approaching the mirror, I looked at the transformed myself.
As usual, after looking, I began to associate myself with a woman.
Everything looked very natural.
I smiled a couple of times, winked, made up faces to check whether the face is firmly seated.
Combing hair, straightened chest.
Now we need to start hiding the rubber glitter and the seam from the zipper.
Taking out the body-colored putty, I somehow covered it with a barely visible seam on the back.
Now it’s the turn of powder.
Smearing myself a thin layer of glue, I walked powder on its own.
Now the skin is not so shiny, but it was not necessary to climb into the water.
Then I noticed my stomach, since I had to be pregnant,

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he hung in a bag that looked scary.
Going naked into the room (well, that I live alone), I took out a box with additional accessories for suits. Watch sex and the city 1 full movie online free.

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