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“Yeah,” said Jenny in the same feigned, anxious tone, winking at Sue with a wink.
I was wary, realizing that my aunt had started something.
“We need to measure the temperature,” said Jenny.
“My forehead seems to be normal,” Sue said uncertainly, quickly feeling my forehead, “Why did you decide that the child has a fever?” “Even if not, it doesn’t bother to measure, just in case,” said Jenny calmly, reaching for a bottle of liquid soap.
The perplexity of my nanny was replaced by a sly smile – exactly the same as that of Jenny.
“It really doesn’t interfere with trying on,” she agreed, barely holding back a laugh.
Seeing how my aunt anointed the tip of the thermometer with liquid soap, I suddenly guessed her insidious plan.
– Not on-ado! – I roared, spitting out the pacifier.
– What? – Jenny smiled gently, jerking up my legs, – Why are we crying again? Teen lesbian webcams show.

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