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Then I make a decision: I take off from him swimming trunks, release the gum, which is not removed, put on a standing dick, dump melts on his feet.
He pulls up his shirt to his throat so that I can see better.
And I start looking for testicles with my bare hand.
Huge dick rested on the navel, dick is surrounded by thick red-red vegetation.
In appearance, he, this fucker, is not even 17 or 18 years old, but 30 years old.
But I try to focus on the secondary signs of sexual maturity Grisha, and really help the boy.
And suddenly I feel for the testicles: they are sucked into his stomach! – Yes, you have testicles – I say.
– Here they are, I feel them.
– Where? He is looking for hands – no testicles.
– Understand, Grisha, because your dick is now excited, the testicles are drawn into the stomach.
And when the excitement subsides, the testicles will descend into the scrotum.
This is normal.
Grisha looks at me and listens attentively.
And meanwhile his dick flickers: by itself it flops around with a pin on the navels.
– You, Grisha, you need to lower it.
Put it down.
– How, Uncle Lesh? I have it all the time! – Well, – I say, – myself: And I can not pronounce: “jerk off.”
Non-pedagogical! I look at his huge cone, I see how it pulses with him.
And really – does not fall at all.
He stretched out his hand and began to lightly tease him – to teach

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the child: Grisha’s strong dick flew up here, although there was no place above.

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– Yes, not so necessary! – the boy Grisha suddenly says irritably, with all his strength he unzips my pants, pulls them off with his underpants, falls on his knees and immediately swallows my dick – to the root.
I, frankly, from such a pressure okhuil.
And Grisha sucks, chokes with joy, drool under the skin, rotates with his tongue, helps his palms.
My dick also jumped, strained, although with my mind I understand that it is not pedagogical – but what to do? What?! At that moment I was confused.
And Grisha sucks and moans with happiness.
Suddenly, my prick from his mouth inadvertently escaped – Grisha looks up at me and says: – See, what are your healthy eggs? And I do not have any! And – again attacked suck with all his might.
Then I freed my penis from his mouth, put the little boy on his feet, sat down himself and sucked him, as he is to me now, only better.
I suck, lick the prick, and squeeze the testicles out of his stomach with his hand.
I just didn’t have time to start sucking, as Grisha had finished in my mouth, into my very depth.
And dick is not softer and does not decrease a millimeter.
I suck on – the second sperm blast.
Behind him – the third.
Fourth, fifth: Honestly – I’m not lying: five times in a row the lad pulled me right into my mouth, the whole cavity I burned was his burning semen.
And only after the fifth descent and the fifth my swallow, the boy’s dick Grisha began to take on his usual form.
And crawled out of the tummy testicles.
Small, round, tight, like tennis balls.
And Grisha, my neighbor, every time a sperm shoots him, rolls in a scream, throws his head away, shakes like a little girl with his little body.
Feels: pure guy, does not abuse me with a handjob.
And between his passionate descents I finished myself in my hand, it was also sweet, as it had not gone down long ago: my sperm passed easily, flew out, I almost did not notice it, because I was completely absorbed in Grishin youthful experiences.
“You see,” I say finally, “you have testicles, everything is fine.”
Feel it.
He felt: – True, there is.
So, they crawl into the stomach? Teen boy nude webcam.

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