Squirt in live.

Squirt in live.
Now I will describe the “object” in more detail: Katya is a brunette, a height of about 172-174 cm, maybe has a couple extra pounds, but no more – it only gives her body juiciness, and adds roundness to its forms – about any hanging folds and cellulite no speech.
Her chest is decent, most likely the 3rd size, with a good shape.
Her hair is straight, just below her shoulders, a wonderful smile, which she often uses, smooth beautiful teeth, round cheeks, juicy thighs, juicy butt, and always a positive attitude.
She smiles a lot, and doesn’t say a lot, her temper is mild – in short, an ideal wife, and indeed a woman.
Katya gets along well with my wife.
I liked it immediately, as Vitalik introduced us.
I immediately envied him that he had the opportunity to fuck such a girl every day, although any of them become boring with time, of course.
And once in the spring of last year, Vitalik called me at the end of the working week and offered to meet on Saturday, sit in a pub, for example, drink and talk, what is called. Squirt in live.

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