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All mixed up “in the house of the bummer.”
We seriously began to develop a new project; and apparently already with other partners.
Completely forgetting that the previous contract was not yet celebrated.
In a hurry, Gena even forgot that I was naked and summoned the leading specialists from the factory – the chief designer, the chief engineer.
And we woke up from this error only when we already heard the voices of the experts called.
Gene was forced to go to the factory specialists, and asked them to go to the secretary while.
Meanwhile, Timur and I shoved me into a secret room with a farewell – well, and here you are fucking.
What would Timur and began to do immediately, as soon as the door slammed behind us.
Either I have immersed myself in my work very much, or sex doesn’t really start me without an audience, but with Timur, just like with my five previous co-workers, I didn’t have orgasms.
Or maybe I was hoping that we could have another day with my macho ?! Macho, who has a wonderful huge member.
But I liked the very idea of ??keeping a man’s dick in my vagina after he had let me in, we

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even managed to talk to him on professional topics with such a state, and that’s how we were caught when the door opened and we were invited to go to the people.

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Timurovsky limp member fell out of my pussy and we immediately got up.
Timur began to wear his pants-pants-socks, and I, as it is, immediately entered the office, leaving behind a dripping sperm track.
In the office were Gena and Yuri and two more people completely unknown to me and a sea of ??snacks and brandy on the table.
But the main thing was my MACHO.
I was very elegantly given a place next to my macho, he passionately and masterly kissed me publicly as a hickey, and suckers while sticking my hand into my vagina there she had an abundant amount of sperm.
I just had to shrug my shoulders with an excuse.
But my macho apparently didn’t embarrass it, he offered everyone to drink and have a snack together and we all started the meal.
It seemed that those present were just waiting for our factory specialists to succeed.
Kate had time to set the table after leaving for marking the project.
We all had a nice snack.
The amazement of two other gentlemen that were new for me, of course, there were no borders, they frankly tensed devoured my completely naked body and especially from how masterly I confidently burst my macho.
I offered my macho the ear to retire, sincere sincerely wanted to give him one farewell sex.
And he answered unexpectedly publicly and pretentiously: Olga Ivanovna – the head of the analytical department of our partners is already fed up and demands to switch to sex.
I ask you Olga Ivanovna – your way out and with these words pushed me right to the center of the table. Sexy shower cam.

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