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Olesya won: she first finished on my dick, lay down in front of me so that I finished in her mouth, and then licked my cum from my dick.
Then we lay and kissed.
– Listen, tomorrow my sister will come to visit us.
It’s time to introduce you! – Does she have a

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dick too? – I asked.
– Not.
Do you want her to fuck you in the ass? Here I am you! Olesya turned me over on my stomach and became a member of me to smack on the pope.
It was more funny than painful.
Nevertheless, I turned over and slid down, so that the blows fell not on the ass, but on the face and began to catch the penis with my mouth.
– And you want her to fuck you in the mouth! You and your nurses are not enough for you! Little pervert! Olesya fucked me in the mouth, sometimes plunging a member into my throat.
She finished and dug my lips with a kiss, hoping to suck some sperm.
But I immediately swallowed everything.
– Greedy! – pouted lips Olesya.
– Such, such! – I laughed it off – What is your sister’s name? – Jeanne.
– Do I meet her naked or in clothes? – Zhanna is a modern girl, I think we should meet her naked! – Does she know about your dick? – Yes, we grew up together.
– you fucked? – No, we are decent girls! – And tomorrow the three of us will we fuck? – Fuck no, but the show with your masturbation should be arranged.
“Does she jerk me off?” – If he wants, then yes.
– And when I’m going to jerk off, where should I stop? – In a glass, then we will play your sweets.

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“Will you warn her that I will be naked?” – I do not know, what do you think? – Let’s give her a surprise, she’s a modern girl, after all, I can get dressed later.
– Agreed! Some in such cases, knocking hands, and we knocked pussy.
The next day, Jean came to visit us.
I met her naked with a standing member.
Jeanne was very similar to Olesya, only a little older.
Seeing me naked, she was a little embarrassed, but did not give a look.
At first she kissed Olesya, then she approached me.
– Jeanne.
– Sergei.
She shook my pussy.
We work together.
Having examined it closer, it seemed to me that I had seen it somewhere.
We three went to the kitchen for dinner.
After dinner, I amused the guest with masturbation and finished in a glass.
– What do you do with sperm? – asked Jeanne.
– We both love sperm, it’s up to you who gets it – Olesya said.
“I have never seen a boy drink his own sperm,” answered Joan. “Show?” I enjoyed drinking everything and licked my glass.
– I, as usual, did not leave anything! – pouted lips Olesya.
– Now fix it – said Jeanne.
She took me by the pussy and led into the room.
My sister’s classroom is my sister: we know each other for a couple of hours, and she calmly leads naked for pussy.
In the room, Jeanne gave me a handjob and dropped into a glass.
She handed Olesya a glass: “Whipped cream to my little sister!” Whipped cream! This is a thought for a surprise Olesya! Home Jeanne gathered after midnight.
We called her a taxi.
I went naked to carry her to the car.
In parting, she shook my pussy.
The car drove off, and then I realized where I saw Joan.
We studied at the same institute! At different courses and faculties, but at the same institute! It’s great, I have never gone naked at the institute.
I came home and immediately told Olesa about my thoughts.
– Naked at home, naked at work, now naked at the institute and even with my sister! All this Olesya said, masturbating my embarked member.
Then she knelt down and took in her mouth.
Next was rough sex, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
In the morning I quietly got up and went to the kitchen. Sexy hd live.

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