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I almost screamed in pain, but I restrained myself only by twisting my face.
You still dare to make excuses! Bitch! Yes, I love you.
Who are you? I ordered you to work, but I did not allow you to leave the bridge pose! Quickly get up the bridge! Yes, mistress, – I roared and got up a bridge.
Now go on cleaning up, ”the lady said rudely.
I did not know what to do.
How, standing in this position, I can get out? But after a moment, the lady laughed.
I was joking, she said.
– Keep up the work.
I could not understand anything.
So I can change my position? I did not ask again, and at my own risk risked myself on my knees and began to mop the floor.
The hostess left, and I continued my work with relief.
After the floors, I rubbed dust everywhere.
Then he began to wash clothes.
Then he stroked.
Then she cooked dinner for the lady.
In general, he worked without stopping.
At this time, the lady sat in the living room and watched TV.
I brought her lunch and dutifully sat down at her feet, not daring to ask.
But since this question tormented me very much, I took courage and dared to open my mouth: Madam, let me ask you? Madame indifferently threw her eyes on me.
What do you have?
She said irritably.
Let me go to the toilet? Well you, today did not go or what? – she was surprised.
No, madam, I answered.
Accurate, you haven’t eaten with me yet.
Well, you are punished with food, you will not get a crumb for a day.
But go to the toilet, but only after that I will not allow it anymore, so get ready to endure.

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Thank you, mistress, – I rushed to kiss the legs, but she roughly hit me on the lips with her fingers and pointed to the toilet.
I give exactly a minute! I crawled into the toilet, trying to meet the time allotted to me.
And when I returned to Mrs., she carefully watched the clock.
Late exactly twice! I shivered, feeling as she got up from the couch and came close to me.
Well, fuck, do I do with you? I was silent.
I do not hear the answer! – She snapped.
Punish me, I suggested.
Well, by itself I will punish! – the hostess laughed.
– Wait here.
She went out and returned in a couple of minutes.
In her hand she held a strapon and a bag of red pepper.
Well, you have to fuck you properly! Mrs. took a strap-on and smeared it with red pepper, then put it on herself and put it in my ass.
The strap-on was quite large in size and brought wild pain, because it used it without any lubrication, and after a minute red pepper began to burn so much that my body, weaving pain from nipples and anus, literally shook.
But I endured as I could.
And when the execution was over, the lady took off my

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At that moment, she gave me a leg and I began to thank her.
After she, like a queen, sat on a sofa and continued to dine, stretching out her legs to me.
Lick! I understood the team and began to execute it, glancing at the nipples.
They were blackened, with thin holes, from which barely oozing blood.
It seemed that if a little more and the clothespins would simply have bitten them off.
But everything worked out.
It took about an hour.
The lady told me to wash the dishes, cook dinner and collect on the table.
Before the arrival of her friends had two hours.
For a long time we have not met with her.
Work, all sorts of things, worries did not give such an opportunity.
Even when once I wanted her, she was busy.
The same thing was the other way round, so we were not seriously offended at each other.
And today phoned, we agreed to meet.
Natalia invited me to her.
My heart ached.
I obviously wanted her very much.
Buying burgundy velvet roses and a bottle of champagne on the way, I stood at her door and pressed the bell button. Sexting strangers online free.

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