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The door opened and slammed, and the pacified cry of the morning was broken by an angry cry: Well, you bastards are screaming all night! They did not let me sleep, since the music had been played since morning.
Here I go, call the police! Girls drive, made a brothel! Let the owners expel you, and then rent an apartment to someone unknown! Nuril, parasites such! I almost laughed at this tirade.
And what, and you can not smoke, or something! – Objected someone from above.
– We are not here with a dream! I heard a contented laugh.
You would have spoiled here! – The displeased grandmother went down the stairs, continuing to grumble.
– Elevator disabled, parasites.
Complaining about you all have to! I guess I dozed off.
Just for a minute, because when I woke up, I saw this granny, who was already going down to the fourth floor, where I was sitting.

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I did not have time to hide, and at the sight of me my grandmother’s eyes widened.
Another slut is sitting! Lost my conscience.
Here are the girls went naked walking! What are you sitting, well get up! I got up, letting her pass, I didn’t need this noise at all.
Hush, grandmother, everything is fine – but the language, unfortunately, did not listen to me very well.
– I’ll leave now.
What is quieter! – Grandmother did not let up.
– Also drunk.
You’d better put on your underwear! Shameless your face.
Shalava! – She summed up, going down further.
Probably, her cries attracted smokers because two guys, eighteen years old, with cigarettes in their hands, appeared on the upper flight.
Wow, what a nice baby here! – Exclaimed one of them, and they began to descend.
– Do not make noise, grandma, this is ours!

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So .
take it away, why are you sitting down! They made a brothel.
– It was already heard from below.
Take, but how! They came to me with eagerly burning eyes.
My heart pounded, I squeezed into the wall and lowered my eyes.
She even gasped in fear and, by inertia, covered her breasts with her hands, somehow forgetting that the more intimate organs remained completely open.
What are you closing, we did not see boobs? Can hold to the apartment? – I missed one of them.
Yes this is a whore! – shouted another.
They took my hands off my breasts and immediately climbed under the skirt.
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