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In short, you already understood that the back opening was already waiting for me to do so and was ready.
Looking away, I saw that Gennady was taking his cock out of Ani’s hole and the other guy was ready to change him.
My wife throws glances at me, but for the most part she is busy sucking dick.
At this time, someone lifts me and shorts off my shorts.
“Eh, Lech, so you are not a virgin!” – I hear an immediate comment.
– “Well, no fucking self! I have never seen such a fucked ass” someone says, and with a sweep insert an excited organ into me.
It’s cool that I, before going on a conversation with Gena, managed to drip lubrication on the hole.
– “Lyokha, say, what are you, ass fucked?” – I hear a question.
But I can’t answer to my busy business.
I just mumble in response: “yy.”
– “Guys, yes his pussy is wider than that of his wife slut.
Yes, and he shaved everything here – look.
No, well, naturally fucking! And the term goes like clockwork.
Kayf! “I can not really think about anything except the piston that goes in my mouth and the piston that goes in my hole.
For me, in my universe there was nothing more than the desire to fully satisfy a man, that is, a few.
If I didn’t control anything with someone from behind, the same member that was in the mouth required attention and concentration.
Ivan often grabbed my head and held me close, he moved his hips using my mouth as a real female organ, but this is not so.
It was very hard for me – I had to have time to inhale before the next friction.
Not only did the guys tugging at my body in rhythm – back – and I completely impaled on

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the penis.
Forward – a member of the thrust into the throat.
I can not say that I did not like all this, but now sex has given way to hard work.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that my wife had been turned over and tried to be inserted into her ass.

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She is poor, not as prepared as I was and this was given to her with difficulty.
But she endured.
In general, my wife is wonderful.
She had long accepted the fact that she had caught such a strange husband and acted on the principle of “relax and enjoy.”
Apparently she liked to give herself to several men at once.
At least she knew that I liked it, and she was ready to do everything for me.
After a while, Ivan stopped and began to cum in my mouth with a roar.
Sperm beat me in the palate and I frantically glatal her, trying not to touch the penis with the tongue.
In general, a huge plus of the male blowjob is that the man knows exactly what he feels and therefore, by doing blowjob to another, he can do it super cool.
Knowing all the details, I put my hand on the eggs and began to caress them and press them a little.
This caused a reciprocal roar of pleasure from Ivan and the last drop of sperm I licked from the head.
After everyone had finished once everyone came to the table for a drink.
Anya smiled at me, I smiled at her.
Gennady proclaimed a toast: “For the performance of marital duties,” Anya laughed, which rather well defused the situation.
I really want to make this happen.
We walk down the hall to the bathroom.
Marina’s eyes were already on fire.
She said that she had long been dreaming about such a thing and asked to try it on.
You helped her and showed her how to fix this thing.
With her, with this member, Marina looked otpadno sexy.
She told her mistress: – All Svetik, now I’ll buy myself exactly the same and then your holes will get !!! It turned out they love this game: she is a husband, and Sveta is a wife, a passive bitch.
Marina gave me a strap-on in her mouth, I diligently suck her pink cock, and she fucks me in the mouth so hard that I almost do not splash tears.
She makes me swallow this thing, I press, but she continues to rape my mouth.
The saliva of viscous jets runs off my chin.
In the bathroom, there is only a hollow, rhythmic squelching and gurgling from this hard act in the mouth! Sveta and Milana squatted alongside to see in detail how they pull me into my mouth.
Wow! And then you still put something in my ass, damn it, you will willingly hand me off in the ass with a shower tip! Which really looks like a dildo (I, by the way, is so cylindrical in the shower!), As you turn this thing around me! My sphincter knots completely softened and weakened, now my anus is stretched like rubber.
And you use it shamelessly! They gave me a little rest, but only to change the position.
Spread soft towels on the floor, I lay down on my back, lifted my legs and spread them.
Marina joined me and put a strap-on in the hole, immediately began to fuck very much. Real sex on live tv.

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