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The torn jersey was sticking out the breasts of obviously two sizes bigger than mine.
Although her face was beaten with beatings, her big mouth with full lips was adorable.
Do you want to sober up? – I asked, as if in thought.
The girl trembled.
Is there? – she stammered.
Find – I decided, and said – Only you have to do one thing for me.
Of course, she agreed without thinking.
What is your name? – I asked.
She is – she faithfully never took her eyes off me.
And Natasha – I sighed and took out a new t-shirt from the package.
To get dressed, and it’s embarrassing for you to go out with people – I handed her my t-shirt and skirt.
Tanka quickly threw off her ragged.
I caught my breath.
Wait – I gasped in a choked voice.
She is puzzled, staring at me.
From the morning coolness, she trembled violently, and with her trembled her huge, gorgeous breast shape with large, nipples shrunk from the cold.
God gave such a snuffle such beauty! Yes, such tits can be

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the floor – the city of babies to feed! You have a great chest – I made her a compliment.
Yes, everybody likes the peasants – she has boastfully rebuilt it in her own manner.
I jarred on.
If only peasants – I thought enviously.
I myself had an ugly chest.
So, two semi-suspended hillocks between which a third would fit in perfectly.
The breasts were immensely brown and the nipples were huge, so when I looked in the mirror I could see only the nipples that were always wrinkled and looking sadly at the ground.
I was terribly embarrassed about my titics, and probably that is why I was so reluctant to have sex.

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I looked away from Tankin’s splendor and looked at her feet.
Her thickly overgrown pubis probably never knew a razor.
Thick hair began almost from the navel tightly closing the gap.
Hair curls were on the inside of the thighs and below.
She gave the impression of a very healthy strong female, ready for fertilization.
Get dressed, I said, unable to take my eyes off.
She pulled on her shirt, flashing a thick undergrowth of armpits, and her breasts brazenly stuck out on the fabric.
Another minute and her curls hid my long-suffering skirt.
What are you going to drink? – I asked Tanka when we came to a stall in the square.
Port – she replied, eagerly looking at the batteries of the bottles behind the glass.
I bought two bombs, a chocolate bar, and we walked to the old place in the bushes.
Damn, and how to open it? – I thought.
Come on, I, Tanka, snatched the bottle from me and shoved it into my mouth and skillfully pulled off the cork with my teeth.
I grimaced.
Take off my shirt – I ordered.
She looked at me offended – I thought you gave it to me.
Gave, gave – through her teeth, I said – Only I still want to look at your boobs.
What are you, man? – giggled Tanka.
I will break the bottle now – I said indifferently.
Tanka scaredly pulled the shirt.
Her powerful chest swayed and froze in front of my nose.
Beautiful – I gently ran over them and squeezed lightly.
Their stiff elasticity made me shiver inwardly.
Let’s have a drink – Tanyukha plaintively reminded of herself.
I poured the wine in plastic cups.
Tanya eagerly at one time poured wine into the throat and imploringly looked at me – Let’s take one more.
I did not even have time to sip.
I poured her another glass, she reached out to him, the nipple of her breast touched my hand.
Not remembering myself, I suddenly grabbed her hard rock-like nipples with my fingers and squeezed tightly.
She has shrieked and dropped a glass.
Wine poured over her breasts and skirt.
What are you, stupid? she screamed.
Without getting up, I hit her hard on the face.
For what? she whined.
Do you remember what you promised me? – I asked.
I’m not joking, you will be exuding, I’ll pour everything out and leave.
It hurts – Tanya was crying.
I tried to say something po her clothes.
But Masha stopped and kissed me in a hickey.
I hugged her. Private live sex cam.

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