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Then came the turn of Sandra.
Santa Sandra.
Oh, ”cried Edgar,“ what a Santa we have! We want your gifts doubly! You are almost Santa – Santa! I hope you saved some presents for us, didn’t give away everything for Christmas? This one, for example? And then Edgar grabbed Sandra by the crotch.
The girl gasped in dismay and recoiled back, almost losing her balance.
Well, everyone come through, entertain the men.
Do not stand you already !.
Gentlemen, I ask Santa – Din to leave for me.
I’ll be right back! Shyly lowering their eyes, the girls headed for the couch.
Sandra immediately grabbed his hand Wayne and sat down between himself and Jorge.
Christian sat a little apart.
Beside him, she timidly sat on the edge of the march, but Christian immediately sent her to mix all the drinks.
Dina also tried to sit away from men.
She watched in horror as Sandra immediately began squeezing both men at once, sitting beside him.
Without any constraint, their hands found themselves on monumental boobs and began to stroke, pinch and pull their nipples.
Sandra bit her lower sponge and widened her eyes in horror, but did not dare to object.
Emboldened, Wayne put his hand on the feminine thigh, and then squeezed it between the hips.
Sandra oyknula, tried to squeeze the legs.
Edgar said you had a present for us there.
You want to give us your present? – Wayne asked ingratiatingly.
Yes Yes! – nodded Marsha and slightly spread her slender legs.
– Oh !.
Dina, in perfect prostration, understood that a finger had been inserted into the girl.
She wanted to turn away, but could not do it, feverishly watching the panic on Sandra’s face.
But then Wayne turned a little and sank his mouth into Sandra’s nipple.
Maybe it was terrible, but what happened to the man’s dressing gown almost made Dean jump up and rush out of the hall.

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The robe threw open a little, and the male member appeared in the light of the world, standing in all its glory and power.
Dina licked her instantly dry lips, widened eyes looking at the shamelessly exposed male nature, which Wayne did not even think to cover.
Panic swept over her, but she still held herself in place, repeating like a spell: “Sandra already seems to have gone to college.
Jorge’s voice rang out: do you know how to suck, Sandra? Did a blowjob ever? Well – y.
– nodded Sandra, tormented by the nipple with her teeth and with might and main examined between the thighs.
Well, move on! Jorge with sandy hand pulled Sandra to his groin, tearing her off Wayne.
Throwing back his robe, he threw it down and poked his bright lips into his rather limp member.
Dina widened out of sight with her eyes and watched as Sandra closed her eyes, took the dick with two fingers and sent it into her mouth.
Helping herself with one hand and mindlessly holding the soft cap with the other, she began to suck on a man’s stake, moving her head and not closing her eyes.
Dina was familiar with a member of the lips, but so far her blowjob could be called more kisses.
“Where did she learn so?”
Dina herself didn’t understand what feelings she had more — shock from what was happening or envy of Sandra — apparently, she was already doing a real blowjob to her boyfriend, and Dina was limited to superficial careers.
Dina watched eagerly as Sandra sucks the male member quite actively, podraschivaya his hand.
The member was no longer so sluggish, it increased significantly in size, the head swelled up and every now and then flashed between bright red lips.
Jorge began to moan in time with the movements of the blond head.
Wayne also did not go idle.
He tore off his robe and, taking advantage of the fact that Sandra’s body was practically lying on the sofa, took the girl’s leg by the ankle and lifted it up.
Sandra found herself with her legs spread apart, fully opened in front of the man.
Then Wayne fell in behind on his side.
Dina watched with some kind of perverted curiosity as Wayne put his dense, thick member with a spherical purple head to the delicate petals, which had long been moved apart by his fingers.
Sandra, obviously, felt a touch,

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scribbled something, even twitched.
But men held her easily.
And Wayne began to push through a member in a delicate pink slit.
At first, the member did not want to fit, entering only with the tip of the head, but the man, growling softly, continued to push him and, finally, entered almost the entire depth. Phim sex viet nam online.

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