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We went to my apartment.
As soon as I closed the door like strong male hands grabbed me by the shoulders and carrying a couple of meters pushed me back on the couch, I still didn’t pull away from the shock, but almost immediately I felt the tail pull me and immediately insert my unit into my pussy.
The air, along with a moan escaped from my mouth, and I toppled over the back of the sofa, exposing my ass to this beast.
And that relentlessly smacked me the entire length of his fat cock, my wet girl squished every time he pounded his dick into me, the boobs dangled like bags, I moaned.
It was a beautiful bliss, and I finished in less than two minutes, but this horse took out his hard cock and attached it to my ass and pressed it.
Maybe he didn’t expect, and maybe he wanted to, but the member flew me to the point to the very end and hit me hard on the pubis, which made my stars fly before my eyes.
In the ass, he tore me about five minutes, and I finished again, settling and relaxing.
Alexey looked at me, putting his penis in front of me, and I looked at him with such love in my eyes.
– Release me to Ira, I promised her that I would come.
– She is.
She must be punished.
– Do not worry, I will punish to the fullest, but I’m still a peasant and my word must be fulfilled.
Reluctantly, I got up from the couch and, staggering, went with him to the room of this mare.
At the entrance I stopped him and said that I would first talk to her.
He did not refuse, handing me his card.
When I opened the door, I saw a crying and unhappy horse sitting on the bed, squeezing sheets and pillows in her hands that were the size of her chest.

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– Irina.
– I began, but stopped,

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snapping at her withering gaze.
“You must understand me, you break, and I follow that.”
You work with us in the reception room, you are well done, but do not forget that sometimes strangers come to us.
– Irka looked at me more calmly, and had already begun to sob again, but I sat down to her and pinched her elastic bottom.
– Now my friend is hurt you, and you will think about your attitude to me.
Clear? – The horse nodded and I went to run Lesha to her, jealous of this fool, that a guy who had never finished with me had broken through to her.
Going into my apartment, I pulled out two cocks from under the bed and, setting them on a chair, sat down on both at once, not that I needed it now, but still pleasant.
Having started the computer, I opened the chat of our department, there were correspondence of informational nature: “K 45: Need a dog, the girl I have behaved well, who will lend?”, “K 45: The cat was wrong, the boy is free on Wednesday, you can award.
“,” K-21: Passed the goat from body 2, is ready for rehabilitation from us, who will take it? ”
I looked at the chat itself, my Nick was “K 23”, so these are my two colleagues from minus and upper floors.
Without being interested in these messages, I looked at the base on the presence of the nearest guys and who can still be scolded, but after twenty minutes I wanted to sleep.
I also looked at the catalog of goods from the forbidden, and ordered, for a “distribution”, some cosmetics.
When I got off the members and put them under the bed, the door of my apartment opened, I forgot to close it.
Lesha stood in the doorway.
I straightened and looked at him, he stood naked.
His pants hung on his shoulder, but a member hung right down to his knees, it was obvious that he was already satisfied.
– Did you want something Alex? – Yes, you excuse me for getting into your system, but I knew Ira before our change, so I always ask her to.
I told her to listen to you, otherwise I will not be able to come.
– Thank you for your concern.
– Never mind.
You see our guys, there are still guys out there that will gladly come ride on such a cool striped fillet like you.
But I – sorry.
– Nothing. Online life sex.

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