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At night, they stood on the deck, breathing in the fresh sea air.
Duval’s hand was on his wife’s shoulder.
Her hair, blown by the wind, tickled his face.
“Honey,” Anna said quietly, turning her face to him, “say, and you.”
want to return to yours.
still occupation? – Are you talking about piracy? – said Duval.
“Yes,” she nodded, looking at him with an inquiring gaze, afraid to hear the answer.
“Don’t worry,” he smiled, kissing her hair, “more than a year ago I told you that I was done with it.”
I am the captain of “Zeus” only during our voyage on it.
– I.
where are we going? How and where will we live? – We are sailing to my homeland.
– To France?! – Anna was surprised.
– But.
you have lost all connection with her.
– Not really, honey.
Serge’s face became sad and thoughtful, a fold lay between the eyebrows.
“You don’t know everything about me,” he suddenly admitted.
– What?! – shuddered Anna, having recoiled, – do you really have some other secret? Something scary ?! – Oh, no, no! Do not be afraid! – he smiled sadly, – on the contrary, it is even.
good news for you.
He again fell silent, and Anna was silent, seeing that it was difficult for him to begin his story.
“A few years ago,” he finally spoke, “I decided to find my relatives.”
Mother died when I was six years old.
Therefore, first of all I wanted to find a father.
I hired a clever man, an expert on all sorts of delicate tasks.
And I learned that my father.
lived a reckless life, he was a player.
He died shortly before I began my search.
His estate was completely in debt, creditors put it up for sale. Naked nanny cam.

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