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No no no! – he moaned moaned.
Having completely forgotten about the cyborg, Yust rushed to the exit, wearing a jacket on the run, and after a moment left the house.
Redhead finally came to life, and allowed himself to be surprised that the torturer had so suddenly abandoned him and ran away somewhere.
But an alarming, terrible thought was already knocking on the head: something had happened to Beatrice.
The news was bad, judging by the reaction of the “owner-2.”
Dan ran out of the mansion a minute later.
For the first time in his life, he left the house “mistress”.
He did not know where to go, but there is only one hospital in the city, you can ask the staff.
Soon everything turned out.
At work, Bat became ill, and while the doctor managed to arrive, her heart stopped.
It always beat irregularly, he heard.
And so.
Congenital heart disease, as reported to Dan.
He came to himself already on the outskirts, near the city dump.
Next was the Ocean of Herbs.
Dan realized that he was sitting with his back against an iron container, his face was wet from tears, and a figure made of polished black stone was squeezed in his fist.

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He picked it up like here somewhere, amid the ruin and trash.
In his chest, it seemed, a grenade exploded, or he was simply gutted and torn inside everything that was there.
It hurts so much.
Dan gasped from tears, but spoke, continuing his confession to an unknown goddess.
It was necessary.
So it was easier to deal with grief.
So it became easier.
They are so different.
You hate someone to madness, you are friends with someone, as with a brother, and you love someone – selflessly and desperately.
Love turned out to be more painful.
but still many times more painful – to lose “- whispered Ginger.
He knew not return to the mansion of Beth.
There was nothing

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else to do.
No one to go back to.
There is no one to protect, no one to give himself, his warmth, his love.
No one to take care of.
“I couldn’t leave Beatrice.
To Yust – I do not even want to return.
I will stay here at the dump, I’m not used to it.
It’s warm on this planet even at night.
Only burns his face – it seems burned.
In two months, mine should fly.
I hope they have not forgotten their ginger navigator.
I have not forgotten them. ”
Dan’s gaze slid over a nearby container and something caught his eye.
A green sweater made of Caesarian cotton, a bit shabby, but quite bearable, hung, catching one sleeve on a nail.
Dan looked at him long and thoughtfully.
The sunset was burning away.
Between the legs, there was a squish from the abundance of sperm and lubricant, which caused some discomfort.
The princess invited the men to descend into the baths, which must certainly be in the castle of the duke, that he arranged this “meeting.”
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