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Masters of sex season 3 episode 6 watch online.
Not older! – – He threatened you? – – You know, no! He quietly approached me and said that he wanted with me in an amicable way.
Only I do not need to scream and call for help.
Anyway, the entrance door is locked, and there is still a sign hanging from the outside with the word “repair”.
– Yes, he was well prepared! – I said.
– And then what happened? – The wife turned red.
– He said that he has nowhere to hurry.
And that he just wants to play with me.
Admire my feet.
My panties.
And he will not rape me if I am an obedient girl! – – You said that there was no light there! – – It was not, but the reflection of street lamps got there, and it was completely dark only in closed cabins.
– – I imagine how he eagerly looked at you, my sweet! – I exclaimed, all the more excited by her story.
– Yes! He immediately told me that I was a very beautiful woman.
And that he will treat me very carefully! – Lena admitted.
I felt that she was melting from the memories, and she was ready to tell me about what happened to her! Without saying a word to her, I got up and quickly undressed, and then went back to bed next to her.
– Go on, my darling! You know how I love you! – – At first he kissed me.
On the lips.
Said he wants to know the taste of my lipstick! – – So how? Did he like her? – – Yes! Highly! – quietly answered his wife.
– He said that I have a great taste! And lipstick, and my lips.
And that I am a very sweet woman! – – ABOUT! Yes! – I groaned, eagerly listening to her.
– Then he gently stroked my breasts.
Right through the raincoat! And he said that he had not touched such marvelous forms for a long time! – – And said so? Marvelous forms? – I asked her admiringly.
– Yes! – shyly confessed wife.
– Have you already become interested in him? Sweet Or were you still afraid of him? – – I was still afraid, but I was already interested.
– answered Lena.
– He was so unusual! – – I imagine! You stand there in the twilight, and he touches, kisses you and says all these words! – – Yes Dear! – Wife clung to me.

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– Kiss me, darling! – I enthusiastically did this, clinging to the embarked member to her thigh.
“Then he

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said he wanted to see me enter the toilet cubicle.”
How to unzip a cloak.
How do I pull up my dress and pull off my pantyhose and panties to pee! – – ABOUT! Yes! I would also like to see it! – I whispered, hugging my wife.
– He went along with me.
Like a shadow! He told me to do everything as usual.
She just left the door to the booth to see me better.
– – You flowed from this? – – Yes! I was terribly ashamed and sweet of all this! – – And he? Did he just watch or touch you at the same time? – – He just watched! But he told me to do everything very slowly.
That he enjoyed my view! – – Mmmmmm! – I groaned, imagining this exciting scene.
Lena turned her head and looked at me.
– I undid the cloak and put the right foot on the toilet.
He squatted beside me and began to look at me under the dress, slightly touching the tips of my panties.
He said that he really liked that I put on panties over pantyhose.
And what he adores when women’s pussy sweet flows! – – Have you flowed then, my beauty? – – Yes darling! And then I thought about you! – – True? Do you really think about me when he eagerly looked at you under the dress and gently caressed you with his fingertips through his panties? – I enthusiastically whispered, passionately kissing her on the lips.
– Yes true! I thought that this would probably make you feel better, and I quietly put my hand on his fingers and pressed them to my pussy.
Like this! – She took my hand and pressed it to her panties, allowing me to caress her again between the legs.
I groaned with delight.
– He also moaned when I did it! And he began to kiss me under the dress.
And then he asked me to lower the panties and pantyhose, I sat on the toilet in front of him.
– – And you did it, my love? – – Yes! – – My beloved girl! My shy girl! My beauty! My touchy! My faithful spouse! You yourself lowered her panties and tights in front of him? And sat on the toilet in front of him? – – Yes! Only I was very ashamed and I brought my knees together first.
– – And he? – I asked hoarsely, feeling on the verge of a violent orgasm.
– He said I am a good wife.
Modest and loyal! And that is why he really likes me! – – Yes! Yes, love! Keep going – I exhaled hotly, with delight listening to her quiet voice.
– He kissed my knees several times, and then he began to push them apart, and I told him, “No, don’t! Well, please! I’m a married woman! And I love my husband!” – I was burning and trembling with delight, listening to her.
– And he said that he would just stroke my wet pussy on the toilet and lower it into my lowered panties and pantyhose. Masters of sex season 3 episode 6 watch online.

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