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She walks further, on her heels, above the heels – two mini-phallus flaunt in gold stilettos, tucked up like spurs up at an angle.
She brings me to a large mirror.
The lady likes to contemplate herself and to show me acts with a phallus and a strap-on at the mirror, knowing my indifference to anal pleasures.
I was ordered to lie on the floor with my head to the mirror, in the hands of the Lady one more phallus: two-pointed centimeters 40.
The ends end with the heads, in the middle of the spines around the circumference for the clitoris.

This is a phallus for lesbian games.
I do not understand: a strap-on, two phallus like spurs, and even this two-horned “beast.”
What did she think? Mistress lubricates both ends of the gel, one, pushing my buttocks apart, thrust me in the ass.
On the second, upper, strapped to her tummy, the strapon sits, dressing with a vagina.
I can see everything in the mirror, as in a car in the rear-view mirror.
She begins at first carefully, then more and more intensively moving up and down on the phallus, he goes deeper into my ass and also deeper into her pussy.

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She begins to languidly moan from the buzz of either, masturbation, or such a sophisticated fucking male slave.
Time passes and now she is shaking on the “penis”, chomping the vaginal juices, taking the pouring waterfall of orgasm! How sweet she must be now! Having baspped on the phallus, she takes it out of my ass and steps right over me, scratching skin on her heels, walks slowly and stately along her buttocks, lower back, back, neck, nape and jumps off in front of me! Between her and the mirror, to which she stands ass, about a meter.
Her beautiful legs with pedicure emeralds are right in front of my nose.
She crouches at my eyes, strapon falls on my forehead.
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