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For the “whore”, which she wants to look like, is a very gentle girl.
She pulled off my towel, squeezed a member of the hand and made a few movements, then, without stopping her jumps, leaned as far as she could, and took him into her mouth.
It was, however, not very convenient to move in such a way, so she soon straightened back, continued to caress me with her hand.
I was just getting used to it, “getting into the taste” – stroking her thighs, climbing under the jersey, squeezing her nipples on her flat breast.
She asked me to lick her ass, than I gladly did, sitting behind her.

From the amazingly easy way her anus let my tongue in, and from the familiar taste of synthetic lubricant, I realized that she was already fucked there.
Quickly they all had time.
She kafafala, sitting down at the same time on a fat cock, who was “dangerously close” from my face, and my tongue, spread her buttocks with her hands, helping me lick her deeper, wagging her ass, pressed and rubbed about my face.
Her man stopped it and asked her to get down.

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I laid down in his place, put on a condom, taken from a whole hill of these foil squares on the nightstand, she helped her hand, quickly and fairly easily sat on me, lay down, pressed, spread her hands on her ass.
He attached himself to her from behind, began to slowly insert the penis into the anus, I felt like in her already narrow vagina becomes more tight; she had been looking into my eyes all this time with an indescribable lustful, guilty expression.
And here we are both to the full depth in it, stopped, lying like that for a minute.
She turns around, looks at him and slaps herself on the buttock – apparently, a sign to begin; without ceremony, he immediately begins to quickly and boldly fuck her in the ass, she podmahivaet, as far as can move under him, I help to rise on the penis and pull back over the hips, we kiss, play with tongues.
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