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But there is simply no thinner store! I began to do the internal muscles of the movement as they do when the intestines are emptied (I apologize) without ceasing to press gently, and then a miracle happened – the “member” slowly, stretching the sphincter, began to sink millimeter by millimeter.
I knowingly specify that the phallus was 2.
5 cm – I measured the tape.
Who among the ladies wants to repeat, do not start with more, there will be problems! And still I felt a slight pain, although it was not already acute.
Immediately add that this pain was compensated by another feeling from which I did not want to pull my “little thing” out of myself.
Thus, slowly this member entered me and I already felt how it touches the intestinal walls.
It is not necessary to press heavily against the intestinal walls, this may cause emptying of the posture and you will have to run to the toilet.
It is necessary to do everything slowly and slowly.
Having introduced an artificial member for almost the entire length (about 15 cm), I lay relaxed, holding the end of the phallus with one hand so that it would not come back.
The pain that arose at first began to gradually subside and I felt only tingling around the anus – the first stretch all the same.
In my heart I was jubilant, I succeeded, and it turned out as I wanted.

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After lying for about five minutes, I quietly got up and impaled on the “penis” tried to walk around the room.
It almost did not hurt at all, but in somewhere in the stomach such an unusual sweet feeling from which I became “wet” you understood what I was talking about.
If you do not hold the end of the phallus, it will gradually go out of you, so I pulled on my underpants with one hand – now you can let go of your hand.
It was in this “charged” form that I went to the kitchen, then I went to the balcony where I talked to my neighbor and returned to the room.
Then she turned on the computer and carefully sat down on a chair so that the weight fell on the hips, and the buttocks seemed to be a canopy that would allow them to lift and lower.
I think that the readers noticed how detailed I am describing everything and I am doing it because it was so.
So I sat for half an hour, from time to time moving my backside and picking up the position of the “penis” in my anus where I am most pleased.
Finally, having decided that it was enough for the first time, I went to the toilet, lowered my panties and sat down on the toilet just in case, slowly began to pull the phallus out of myself.
Here I made another discovery – when

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the “member” slowly reached the end, jumped out, freeing the sphincter, then forgive me, I almost “finished”.
Having washed everything, I laid it on the table — there was no need to clean it up because the husband had to return only after two days.
I will not say that everything was perfect after that, my butt ached a bit, but not much, it was I who ached and did not hurt, and again I anointed her with a cream, tired and pleased to go to bed.
The next morning, when I woke up, I immediately touched my ass — no, everything is fine, it does not hurt anywhere, it just remains. Live sexi vidio.

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