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I slowly wagging my butt from which the tail grew and climbed onto the bed.
– Come on, my dear, caress me.
I slowly crawled to Sandra’s legs and began to gently sprinkle them with kisses.
Rose a little higher.
Sandra relaxed and closed her eyes and began massaging her nipples through her blouse.
Reaching with kisses to the edge of her panties, I asked her to take them off with a skirt.
– Of course, my good, take it off, do not be afraid.
I pulled off her skirt, then slowly took off her panties, exposing a beautiful smooth-shaved little crotch and threw them aside.
Sandra spread her legs and showed me her bud at the sight of which I almost choked on my spittle.
Kissing the hips from the inside, I was getting closer to the cherished hollow, I felt the intoxicating scent of her pussy, she smelled so delicious that my head went round.
Finally, I touched her tongue and started playing with it.
Sandra moaned unbuttoned her blouse and bared her beautiful breasts.
Her fingers gently squeezed both nipples.
What happened the next moment led me to deep confusion.
From the excitement of her klitorok began to grow in size, and to such a state that I recoiled from him, my eyes widened.
“Sandra, what is it?” “Don’t be afraid my girl, I didn’t want to tell you right away, I was afraid that you would refuse the meeting.
It’s okay, I just really Futanari about whom we loved to dream with you.
Be a good girl and do what I say, you’ll like it.
At first, I didn’t quite understand what was going on, but over time I grew bolder and a little interest and incredible excitement came to me.
“And what do you want me to do?” “Caress him for a start.
I’ve never done this before, but I really wanted to try it.
I crawled closer and kissed the head of the penis, then again.
He was huge, two times larger than the usual male, the big head glistened and throbbed.

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, I took her in the mouth, she could barely fit in it.
Sandra groaned even more and began to intensively massage her breasts and caress excitedly protruding nipples.
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org) I played with the head with my tongue and sucked it, tried to take the penis deeper into my mouth, but it hardly worked for me.
Sandra flushed up took me by the hair and sent me to the dick trying to push me through his throat.
I felt the head slip down my throat and began to move there and back.
These movements caused my gag reflex and I began to have a heavy salivation, my mouth filled my mouth and began to hang down from my chin with thick, streaking streaks, part of it flowed down the penis on the pussy which I began to caress with my fingers, periodically penetrating.
The pussy from my saliva and my discharge sloshed sweetly.
I jerked my head back to catch my breath and breathe, the remnants of drool in my mouth, I spat on the penis and smeared it with a pen, rubbing them into the head, massaging it with my palms.
– Good girl slut.
Now I want to fuck you.
– Do you want to shove it in my ass? But I have never tried it, and it is so huge that I am afraid it will not fit into my narrow hole.
– Do not worry, you just relax.
I obediently turned my ass towards Sandra and bent over in the back.
Sandra slowly removed a cork from my butt and until the hole narrowed, she poured in plenty of lubricant.
I felt the head of her penis attached to the hole and relaxed, the head hardly entered into me and at first I was a little pained, but when I relaxed she slipped into my hole and a sweet tremor and a wave of excitement slipped through my body.
– Fuck my dear slut, I moaned.
Sandra progressive movements began to go deeper into my ass, I, in turn, moved my ass back so that a member could enter as deep as possible.
I started up so that with one hand I jerked off her dick while she had me and with the other she slipped herself between the legs and caressed her pussy with her fingers, sometimes penetrating inside.
Sandra fucked me to the full length of her process, I turned my head and did not believe my eyes that this tool completely fit in my ass.
She rolled her eyes and rudely bawled my butt from time to time shaking her so that she became a little reds.
I felt her approaching an orgasm and did not want it to end.
– Sandrochka, let me caress your ass tongue, please.
My tongue was very long, everyone talked about it to me, fifteen centimeters.
When she saw his length, she immediately stopped and came out of my ass.
Having waited until the hole narrowed a bit after her penis, she returned the cork to its former place and turned to me with her ass arched in the back. Live sex web cam russian.

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