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On weak legs, I could not resist and collapsed to the floor.
A strong pain in my shoulder made me gag mumbling.
My position was deplorable, my right leg finally “reduced” and I could not get up on my feet in any way, and remained lying on the floor until Nadezhda arrived.
I lost count of minutes, my hands and feet were already quite numb under tight ropes, the gag continued to vomit my mouth and did not allow me to breathe freely, under tights and a sweater I began to bleed afterwards.
But then the door opened and my savior appeared in it.
Lord, how did you get here! – With genuine fear asked Hope.
I heard a dull moo.
I began to fight in the shackles and moo through the gag is already real, without any hint of a win.
Nadia flew up to me, clasped me with her tender hands, lifted me to a sitting position.
Suffer a little, – burst out of her mouth.
First, she freed me from the hated gag, abruptly pulling it out of my mouth.
From a sharp pain in the cheekbones, I groaned softly.
She gently hugged me, began to cover my face with kisses.
Oh, God, I forgot about the ropes.
Nadya quickly went to the table and took out a knife from there.

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A few seconds later I was released from all the ropes.
Foolish, if you really wanted to be free, you had to get to the table and take a knife.
With a knife you could cut the ropes, and the path to freedom is open! Nadya, I was taken aback by surprise, because until this day you didn’t change me and, all the more, didn’t tie

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me up, and when I fell, I had a bruise on my left shoulder, and I had a tight leg, it still hurts.
Only now I noticed that after the bath Nadia had changed her clothes.
She was wearing a light summer dress and flesh-colored sexy tights with a sheen.
“My poor, poor Juric,” she said softly.
Do not be offended at me, please, I only steamed in the bath, I realized that I entered with you too cool.
Probably hops hit in the head, – childishly, with naive intonation, blurted out Nadia’s patter.
Nadya, I was very bad without you, I felt humiliated and abandoned, lying helpless on the floor.
Jurich, you are mine, I will never leave you and I will not give you to anyone.
She helped me to my feet, I leaned on her, clutching at her slender camp, and she helped me to reach the bed.
Nadia began to rub my numb hands and feet.
Now tell me how you got to the door and what did you do there? – asked with interest Nadya.
I told her about all my ordeals that happened to me during her absence.
She laughed out loud and said that she had lost a lot without seeing my clumsy attempts to break free from her reliable gag.
Nadya, I was not amused, – I answered with an insult in my voice.
Well, you are again offended, do not be offended at me, I beg you very, very, very much, ”Nadya answered gently, almost in a whisper. Free live naked sex.

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