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The prince was ready to squeal with delight, so he liked this sight that he could no longer tolerate.
He wanted to take this ass.
Watch carefully and do not take your eyes off.
– With these words, Belozhopka, with her palms, began to push her buttocks apart, thereby opening her “hidden”, unbridled anus to the prince’s eyes.
Popofil managed only to gasp, when suddenly a bright beam of light, very warm and affectionate, rushed from the princess’s ass into the prince’s smile-lit face.
After a couple of moments, the prince’s body turned into stone.
Thereby Popofil became another sculpture in the collection of Belozhopka.
His penis has become even harder than it was, and now forever remained clamped in his right hand.
Was Belozhopka an evil and bloodthirsty witch?

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No, it was not.
This is a curse that has been hanging on her since childhood, and which, as one traveling traveler said, can only be removed by the real elect of the princess.
Only he can enter her ass without turning into a stone.
Here is the princess and her parents are waiting for the one who can save the princess from the curse, plow her in the ass.
But so far everything has been to no avail.
Soon the curse of Belozhopka became known to the whole world, and the princes stopped visiting our unfortunate princess.
Only fruits and vegetables brightened up the loneliness of the White-Breasted.
Only they did not turn into stone when the princess inserted them into her anus and vagina.
But they eventually tired.
And so, one fine.
or a terrible day, a huge dragon flew into the kingdom.

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Having landed on the largest fountain in the whole kingdom, he shouted loudly in human language: I flew to you for the princess Belozhopka! For the one whose ass turns every man into a stone, and no one in the end can not fuck her! So, I can! Give it to me, or I will devour all of you and burn all your kingdom to the ground! The king and the queen were frightened and gave Belozhopk to the dragon.
So what to do? Grandchildren still she will not bring.
What is the use of it? The dragon grabbed the frightened princess and flew with her to his lair.
And he lived in a huge cave, in which he had previously set up a bed, a table and a wardrobe with dresses for his captive.
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