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I turned my face to him.
– Oh, what a wonderful meaningless dull look! This will not play! I waved him off like a fly.
– I finished, I finished! All perfectly! – Taratoril he, moving away and, finally, leaving me alone.
Antoshka sat down next to me, hugging my shoulders.
– How are you, honey? – What do you think? – I smiled and gratefully clung to him.

– There is no one happier than me! Husband gently kissed my cheek.
– Come on, try to get into the bathroom? I laughed.
I returned to the usual mischievous mood.
– Do not even think.
I’m fine – my own husband fucked me.
– I straightened her panties, smeared fingers with sperm, and straightened her skirt.
– Smell how they smell.
– Raised his hand to his face.
– Such a clean smell.
I licked them.
– If you want, I will wash you.
Anton laughed.
He was buttoned and tidy.
– Let’s stand a little here, dear.
I feel so good! – The evening air was fresh, from the bottom came the sounds of city streets, the thighs were pleasantly chilled by the cooling nectar of our love.
– Hey, happy couple! – Again he.

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Not a minute will not rest! – You are not alone! Let off steam – do not be selfish, people are already blowing the roof off! We looked back at the screamer.
He was already pushing laughing young people onto the balcony.
How I did not want to return to his guests now! – And we just hurt? – I asked timidly, surprised at my own question.
But there was no one to answer me.
The lovers kissed, so the respondents were busy with them, and Slavka, for a second looking up from the viewfinder, waved his hand at us, saying “damn you, just don’t interfere.”
From what started: everything turned out, of course, not as dreamed.
The result exceeded my expectations, but the process was surprised.
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