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In this story there is not a word of fiction.
I apologize for any errors in spelling and punctuation: for me, all this is still very emotional.
On duty in the fall of 2005 on a business trip in the city of Sochi.
He left Moscow, whiny, gray, and dirty, which had already cooled down after the summer.
He left hard.
A business trip is like a link.
At work, the problem at home is no longer glued.
In general, it is gray.
Honestly – I’m afraid to

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In Vnukovo in the early morning, then absolutely empty airport, but with a working bar, I took brandy and loaded with my bag, I slept until the landing at the airport of destination.
It was incredibly warm and cozy.
I squinted in the sun like a cat.
And tickled in the nose – here the summer continued! Not wanting to show himself as a newcomer, he walked past the “Taxi-cheap taxi, brother!” On the outskirts of the square in a cafe.
Coming closer to food, I realized how hungry I was.
He smelled all the smells keenly: a little to the right – a lot of fried dough and greens, but there he also draws diesel fuel, to the left – too much flesh over the meat – burns, but it smells fresh! But right – tables, shade, advertising beer.
pulled there.
While going through the square covered: fatigue, heat, hunger, brandy, flight, sleepless night, the cry of his wife, swearing boss, airport, taxi, rise at 4 am.

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Shade warm and cold beer! Or coffee and a cigarette? I was bursting with desires, opportunities and fatigue.
I liked how I was torn to pieces.
Here are just tired.
Sat down, bag near.
Jumped peasant, took the order.
Coffee, cold.
Beer and ashtray: I don’t need more now.
Releases Moscow.
Slowly, but lets go.
I understand that she is far away.
All her fuss is not my problem now.
Here and now everything is smooth.
Not thanks to brandy four hours ago, and beer now.
Everything is different: time has slowed down, and sensations have become aggravated.
An ashtray and a beer appeared in front of me.
I smoked.
Once again, in front of me, fingers gleaming with peeling nail polish, changing the ashtray after each cigarette.
I am the only customer in the institution.
“You smell so delicious! Sorry.
“A rag flashes, wiping non-existent dirt, hands without bracelets, fingers without rings, short nails with peeling varnish.
I look up: “Thank you.”
How many times I tried to remember how it looks – I can not.
She would work in the FSB.
I do not remember the features of the face, eyes, lips, eyebrows and eyelashes.
I do not remember anything.
Only general feelings.
Not thin, as I like, but not plump, not even be called dense or loose.
In body.
He raised his eyes very slowly in accordance with his condition.
From the fingertips higher and higher, until he met his eyes.
On the “path” I managed to notice how she, embarrassed by her hands, tried to hide the fingers of one hand in the palm of the other.
She seemed to be crushing them.
But no matter how shy she was, she did not dare to hide behind her back.
“Excuse me”: she said again, noticing my gaze stopped for just a second on her hands.
“What is your name?” “Angela” “Angela, really want someone to eat.
Just kidding
What do you have for breakfast? “She leans over. Chaturbate gay cam.

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