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He made a little breathing so that the warm air would get into the mother, from which she would begin to squirm.
Uvula drove up and down the pussy.
Penetrating into her vagina, where it was warm and sweet smelled.
Then he returned to the clitoris and played with him. The hostess groaned and slightly twisted his back, but I could only feel that my legs were squeezing my head now and then releasing.
Mom pulled the leash – it meant that over all the stronger and faster to do everything, she is very excited.

Her pussy was burning, I was very warm.
But then the doorbell rang – it was the father.
Mom quickly pulled me away, for the leash she took me into the bath and ordered me to swim and bring myself to normal appearance.
I closed in the bathroom.
I heard my father come in, how they kissed.
As My Mom attacked Dad and they went to the bedroom.
From there, I heard only the moans of the mother when they fucked, I smiled a little to myself and went to do my own business.
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I have never been flogged, but sometimes I feel like it.
I think that in life you have to try everything.
– Good cow.
A lot of milk gives.
“I told you that there was a lot of milk,” answered Olga.
Irina groaned.
She liked the praise.
The cow was at Olga’s house.
The head doctor ordered her to come in the evening.
Irina was surprised that Olga was not at home alone.
With her was her old friend from another city Marina.
Olga immediately introduced Irina as a cow.
The woman was a little ashamed, but she began to get used to her second self.
Irina was ordered to undress.
And here she was milked by Marina.
The cow flowed.
– How long have you had it? – Marina asked.
– In the clinic for 10 months.
I have half a year – Olga answered.
– How do you bring up?
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