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A bit more.
I just suck her tongue out of my mouth and at this moment she ends up hard and long.
I do not allow my son to move away and force him to lick her clit a little more.
Her body shudders for a long time, she squeezes her legs and pulls Sasha over.
A long passionate kiss says that the mother was pleased with her son.
Slowly, no matter what violates the idyll, I take off my peignoir from Sveta, just as slowly take off my bra and let my son enjoy the body of his mother.
His hands slide over the breasts, stomach, thighs, I see how with two fingers he spreads her lips and touches the clitoris, from which she shudders again.
Holding his hand, I force those fingers to go inside.
Shivering in the body suggests that we and our son need to think about orgasm.
Now that I am driving my wife, I force her to take the son’s dick in her hand and send him, her (hard to explain) between her legs.
Sasha jerks into the mother and begins to frantically move.
The pace is too fast, but I understand it.
I suffered for a long time.
The bodies have merged, and it is already difficult to disassemble the toli, he enters into it, it only fills itself.
Sveta podmahivaet in time with every movement and is about to finish.
But Sasha can not long.
A few more movements and my dear cries with a scream.
The son several times with force drives his penis between the mother’s legs, causing convulsions and cries and falls on the sofa.
He often breathes and does not open his eyes, his dick wet and shiny slowly falls on the thigh.
– I’ll go to the bath.
Sveta opened her eyes and looked at me with a smile.
“My dear one more minute, and I’ll let you go.”
I can’t really wait for her to wash up.
The pussy is all wet and slippery, there is so much sperm that a wet spot forms on the sofa.

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It remains to add a little on top and the picture will be complete.
But the son decides that he has not yet kissed and his wife’s mouth is busy again.
Hands on breasts again and again trying to lie on the mother.
Well, I do not.
Slightly pulling him aside, let him kiss on the cheek if he wants, I send my dick in Svetka’s mouth and she starts to suck with pleasure.
It almost does not embarrass my son, and when I literally fuck his mother in his mouth, he will kiss her neck with pleasure.
I’m losing my mind, my dick all the way into the throat, though I give you the opportunity to sigh, but the movement does not slow down.
Already close, now, give a deep breath to drive to the eggs and all.
The three of us are lying on the couch, completely naked, although Sveta left her stockings on herself, Sasha really likes them, and we rest from what we have done.
And that is not bad to have sex with the whole family.
I really liked it.
Apparently everyone liked it.
The son strokes his mother’s pubis and kisses her nipple, I stroke my thigh and kiss the other nipple.
She holds us by the head and directs us where it is nicer.
True, this may not last long, and now our beloved mother groans, and we have a state of standing.
How nice it is to put on yourself this charming body to feel its weight and softness and to see how the son kisses from behind.
Well, the last, for today bar.
Let mommy is on her stomach, and we have affairs behind, is it not a son?
Sasha understands me from the floor of the word, or rather the nod, and begins to lick her ass.
Yes, so skillfully that you wonder where the experience.
He licks with desire and feeling.
The tongue is walked along one half of the other and then suddenly he pushes them apart and touches the tongue of the hole itself, the anus.
To tell the truth, my wife and I do not engage in anal sex, those several times when I tried to take her from behind ended in failure.
Just enter, of course, with petroleum jelly, the head of the penis, it

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screams that it hurts.
I had to retreat.
And here she tries to raise her ass so that it would be more convenient for him to lick.
His tongue enters the anus and Svetlana and begins to force his back to force.
This needs to be used.
I show my son that he would continue, and I myself take some cream from the table and smear his head sticking out.
Come on son, you started to finish you.
Understanding the first time, and now the head of his penis before entering the ass. Caught having sex on camera video.

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