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I have already touched all parts of his mind-blowing body.
I touched his dick.
And yet my subconsciousness itself corrected the movement of the head so that I did not even fleetingly touch the Seryenin penis.
I raised my head.
His gaze slid along the Seregina scrotum — thin wrinkled skin, sparse hairs, two relief testicles.
And all this, too, was in Seryoga amazingly beautiful.
And this, too, was irresistibly inviting.
I tilted my head, and my nose almost reached into the scrotum.
Got some millimeter of hot skin.
Lips stretched out.
It was necessary only to move only slightly, and they would touch.
Was I going to kiss Seryozhin the scrotum? Testicles? Member? I quickly turned my head to the side and touched the guy’s hips with my lips.
Wow, what a solid! The tongue slid onto the inner surface of the leg and tried to crawl into the gap between the hips tightly pressed to each other.
This did not work, but a wet path remained on the groove from the knees almost to the pelvis.
And at this very moment I realized that the tip of my tongue had nevertheless touched Seryozhina the scrotum! I recoiled in fright.
Nothing terrible happened.
Yes, I touched, but the heavens did not collapse, the end of the world did not happen, nothing inside me changed.
It seems that Serega did not even notice anything.
His head still lay on folded hands, but the guy no longer followed me.
His eyes were closed.
Well, the scrotum.
So what? The same skin.
Kissing a bush of hair in

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the lower abdomen is not shameful, but is it shameful to the scrotum? Rather ashamed of my instinctive movement than actually intending to do this, I leaned over and brushed my wrinkled skin.
She was soft, very thin, hot.
Inside, something felt rounded and mobile.

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I pulled out my tongue and touched the testicle.
Then he gently wrapped his lips, It immediately slipped out, and I had to grope it in the depths of the leathery bag to take it again.
Awesome feeling! I ran my tongue down the wrinkled skin.
Then again.
In the depths of the scrotum felt a large solid rod, the base of the sergey penis.
I licked the skin on top of it, plunging my tongue deep into the bag, and for every movement of my tongue the boy’s penis responded with contractions.
I ran my tongue up and down this trunk, feeling the skin of the scrotum glide over my lips.
Reached the very top, to the very border between the bag and the actual penis, and again he repeated his movement from the bottom, enjoying the feeling of a solid trunk in the depths of a hot scrotum.
My lips touched Seregina testicles.
Language reached the edge of the scrotum, but did not stop, and slipped on the member itself.
I realized this only after a few moments, but it did not make a special impression on me.
Looks like I have already crossed my Rubicon.
My tongue slid across smooth, supple skin, feeling hard-stone hot flesh inside.
Somewhere far up there came a slight moan.
Serezha’s thighs moved, lifting slightly.
The muscles of the buttocks have shrunk.
I licked the trunk of the penis, up the hot smooth skin, supple, but hiding inflexible flesh inside.
Licked from the edge of the scrotum almost to the very head.
It was amazingly pleasant, and I repeated this movement over and over again.
And then I wanted more.
I made an effort to expel all thoughts from my head and put my head around my lips.
Wow! I could not pretend that nothing happened.
He froze with the tip of Seryozhiny member in his mouth.
Against my expectations, Seryozin had no particular taste.
Even at the level of taste and smell was unusual, but pleasant, really pleasant.
But all this was nothing compared to feeling the living rod in the mouth, feeling how waves of contractions run over it, how it twitches.
But this was not the main thing.
The whole thing was that it was a member of Serezha.
Only this was important.
Only this turned pleasant sensations into pleasure.
And it was the sweetest of pleasures! Unthinkable pleasure! I never thought it could be so nice! But what I say, it was not just nice – it was entrancing! I exhaled loudly, and curly pubic hairs stirred, tickling my nose.
Seryoga again groaned audibly, his basin rose.
Waves of cuts ran through the penis and he twitched in my lips.
At that moment I was even proud of myself. Camera doctor sex.

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