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She did not give in, Talia began to tear the package with her teeth, pulled, and along with a piece of wrapper in her teeth remained a piece of condom.
– Shit! – in the American manner, Talia swore, spitting out rubber.
“Maybe to

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hell with her, but I don’t have anything, I swear, I just had all the tests done with the hormones? Her eyes burned excitedly like two stars, her hair disheveled, like a fury.
She fell over onto her back, clasped her legs with her hands under the knees and pulled her to her chest so that even her tailbone rose above the bed.
I have always been very pofigistic about my own health, and here, when my eyes opened the panorama of her “back door”, and even so little detail like fucking without a prezik could not become an obstacle for me.
And the panorama was magical.
Immediately under the wrinkled sack of the scrotum, more like a morel mushroom, as they draw it in books, the brown pupil of her ass gaped eyes.
Neat, in a beautiful star of radiation wrinkles, the hole was so small that if I didn’t know for sure, I would not say that its owner regularly practices anal sex.
If her pubis and scrotum were carefully shaved, then the fluffy growth was not touched, as if Talia knew that light hair of the most intimate places excites me very much.

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Saint Anthony could not resist here, let alone me! And even as if growing from the scrotum, like a tulip from a bulb, sprawled on its stomach to the navel, the standing member already did not seem at that second to be unnatural.
I crawled on my knees closer, bent my hand at the ceiling-aiming member, and he touched this hole with a tip.
Talia remembered something, her arm hung from the bed, and she handed me a bottle of Johnsons.
Yes, lubrication was necessary! My member is not gigantic, but not at all even small, and in front of the tiny hole in her butt it seemed like a train that paused thoughtfully before entering the foxhole.
I plentifully poured straight from the bottle on her ass and thickly smeared all my dick.
All formalities were observed, credentials were handed.
Go ahead, macho! I put a member to the entrance to her ass and, expecting resistance, strongly pushed.
Of course, I was going to shallowly and carefully, but only with the appearance of the muscles of her anal sphincter represented an impassable barrier – they suddenly hospitably parted, and I flew in with a sweep into the waist for almost the entire length of my penis! One can only imagine what it is like when you are thrust a piece the size of a squash racket handle up your ass! Unhappy sharply arched her back, almost standing on the bridge, her eyes flew open all over her face in a silent scream.
I gave back, almost flying out of it; her flattened muscles weakened, her loin again touched the sheets.
– Does it hurt you? Cam to cam sex.

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