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Bongacams bagira.
Their range ranged from filming for men’s magazines, to posing for painters, from walking on the runway to escorting services to wealthy businessmen, from filming serious movies to ordinary pornography.
And all promised to set her on the peak of fame, wealth and success.
But in her early youth, she vowed to herself that she would never earn a body.
She was smart and didn’t want to become another dummy who dived into show business and became just a slut in it, even if it’s insanely expensive.
This decision began to ripen in her head when in the school corridor, she accidentally heard her first love, a cute boy who so nicely cared for her and stood under the window, waiting for each meeting, depriving her of her virginity, boasted with this in front of half the school .
The usual nipple, the same as everyone else, he said cheerfully to his friends, such as she was the only one to fuck.
Every word that flew from his lips beat her stronger than an iron rod in the hands of a sadist.
Of course, then he noticed her and began to dissuade and play up.
He called for her understanding, and sang songs about his crazy love for her, but it was all over.
She first encountered a similar situation and the psychological trauma for a long time did not allow her to crawl out of the shell, in which the girls had driven the words of a juvenile idiot.

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The next novel happened only in the first year of the institute, and he, too, disappointed her.
The guy, who swore to her of eternal love, cheated on her with other girls, who envied her appearance and tried to ruin their relationship in every possible way.
Her companion, delighted with such accessibility of fellow students around him, used it to the full and once was caught in a place of treason.
His persuasion also did not lead to anything, and instead of coming to terms with it, he began to spread through the institute various lies about his former girlfriend’s love for dirty sex, which further aroused interest in her from other males.
Anyway, she lasted until the third year, where she was seduced by her own teacher.
He was over thirty, and the girl hoped for his decency, but later it turned out that for sex with him she could count on excellent grades in his subject, but not more.
He was married.
And in the end, Christina became convinced that men are able to think about someone other than themselves and reckon with something other than their own egoism.
She carried this confidence through the remaining years of her life as an icon.
Strengthening it and completely forgetting that any generalization is by definition false.
And what did you do? – She asked, having heard the phrase about boyfriends.
Well, what do young girls do, ”Aunt Zoya smiled when she remembered

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her youth,“ like everyone fought back from those who didn’t like and met those whom she felt sympathetic to.
And how did it end? The woman looked at the girl.
You did not quite ask the right question – she confided Christina by the shoulders and said quietly – did not end, but ended.
The girl looked up and saw a slightly noticeable smile on the lips of an elderly companion, whose gaze seemed not to look at the road, but somewhere deep in time. Bongacams bagira.

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