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“It really looks like a pointer,” smiled Sveta.
All the way home, my nanny told Sveta and Masha how to use a stimulant and a pointer.
Judging by the faces of the sisters, both were eager to try out the purchases on me.
Going into the apartment, Lena changed my T-shirt and went to the kitchen, leaving me in the nursery under the supervision of Sveta and Masha.
I started rolling a toy truck on the floor, trying not to pay attention to the chatter of the girls sitting on the sofa.
“At the age of 12 I already had my own phone” – I smiled to myself, noticing Masha in the hands of Duchess six.
– Hello, Ksyusha, – she said, putting the phone to her ear – No, not at home.
At a party.
Our neighbor.
More precisely not in her house, but in another apartment.
She is now sitting with one baby.
Such a cute toddler.
Seven years.
What does it mean “I also found the baby.”
He still does not even go to the pot.
Well, yes, count up, doing everything as small as lying on a changing table.
Masha giggled softly.
“I also think so,” she continued, “Why should seven-year-olds teach the pot, even if they wet their pants at this age?”
Yeah, it will be fun to watch. Bonga cams 24.

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