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And now, finally happened.
The doors opened, and I entered the room.
Tatyana Viktorovna, zipping up her robe on the run, ran out to meet me.
– Oh, hello Antosh.
– Hello! “Something you came late today,” she said, hugging and kissing me.

– Did not wait? – How to say.
Then Kolya came out of the room, wearing only jeans.
– Hi, Toch! More than two months have passed since I introduced them.
Spring came, and the day was warm.
With the advent of heat, Kolya and I, like two rabbits, tried to multiply with our rabbit.
We especially tried on spring break.
Time was a shaft.
We came to her in the morning, then, having exhausted enough, we went for a walk.
And in the evening, again feeding their appetite, they came again.
During our meetings, quite often, there were cases when we literally could not divide Tatyana Viktorovna among themselves.
If at the beginning of our joint meetings, Kohl was glad to anyone, even the most minimal attention from Tatyana Viktorovna, now, he demanded more and more, and already felt himself the full owner of it.

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This turn of events was not in my plans.
Introducing Kohl to the teacher, I did not consider him as a competitor, and, moreover, a rival.
But the situation began to develop in this vein.
And once, there was an unpleasant situation.
Once again, not dividing who will fuck Tatyana Viktorovna, we abruptly quarreled, quarreled, and nearly fought.
I wanted to put the teacher on her back in order to have it in the classical way.
But in this case, Kolya would have to wait for what he suddenly didn’t like much.
Quarrel we went to the kitchen.
Swore and argue about thirty minutes.
Having calmed down a bit, they drank wine, and soon they came to the conclusion that the only way out of this situation would be to fuck the teacher at the same time.
Best days bonga cams.

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