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She was thirty-five and I was forty.
She was a burning brunette, with a thin waist, a swan neck and small, almost childish palms.
When she raised her eyes to me, resembling two overripe cherries, it seemed to me that my future fate was looking at me.
But, Nellochka was a good girl, and with her whole appearance made it clear that there could be no other relationship besides official, other relations.
But sometimes, when we were only two people in the office, she, reporting something, casually touched my hand with her paltry palm, burning my brain with the tenderness of such a touch.
There are such women, one touch of which can generate a storm of feelings in the soul of the most phlegmatic man.
Nellochka belonged to just that.
“What does she want?” I wondered, recalling her piercing gaze at our last conversation.
It seemed to me that she penetrated them to the very depths of my soul, trying to read there something intimate that an intelligent man, as a rule, hides from a woman behind seven locks.
Sometimes, with her look, I had the idea that I saw a hunter looking out for game.
Speaking soberly, I came to the conclusion that, in principle, the bachelorette Nellochka has nothing to lose.
She would not divorce me with his wife, I had no doubt about that, but she could have been able to twist the novel with her man.
But I knew both.
No wonder popular wisdom says that the appetite comes with eating.
And I didn’t have one hundred percent guarantee of my impenetrability.
And who knows where the family man can lead the zigzags of secret love.
After all, how many cases were among my acquaintances and friends, when the most steadfast in the family foundations of men were taken from under the nose of their careless wives by quite ordinary hunters for family happiness.

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But, in my opinion, Nellochka did not belong to such.
But there was no firm certainty that in her clever head it would not suddenly ripen in this part the most extravagant plan.
Therefore, I decided that if she rushed into a love attack, let her know immediately about the futility of her efforts to encroach upon my marital status and personal freedom.
Reassured by this self-suggestion, I was stunned by her question, when in the evening after summing up the results of our turbulent activity on the path of repairing radio equipment, she, alone with me, suddenly asked: Nikolai Ivanovich.
And what are you doing tonight after work? I opened it, it was my mouth, but I immediately closed it, because the phone came to my rescue: Sorry, I spread my hands, which meant “well, they don’t even let me talk,” however, for some reason I pointed a finger at the chair.
Having finished the report to the authorities about our successes, and having recovered from embarrassment, I looked intently into her cherry eyes: As always, I will be lying on the sofa in front of this miracle of technology, I pointed to a TV set on one of the walls of my office.
Fi! What prose !.
Can you suggest something else? Can.

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And what? I have an extra ticket to the drama.
And what’s in there? Hamlet.
ABOUT! Prince of Denmark! And are you ready to donate it to me? Yes.
Hope you keep me company.
Willingly, – I replied, and I myself was surprised at such a quick agreement.
Agreed that we will meet at the entrance to the theater.
She left, and I began to prepare: I ironed my trousers, took out a clean shirt, brought shoes to a mirror shine, and at the appointed time stalled at the meeting point.
Nellie appeared in a black low-cut dress, tight-fitting her figure with a deep slit at the back.
When she walked, many watched her go, as if they wanted to trace what this section ended with.
Being close to such a beauty and not becoming the center of universal attention could manage to only manage a notebook freak.
Leading her arm, I felt it, catching on myself envious glances of men.
Nellie noticed them too, and haughtily carried her beauty in the midst of a sea of ??universal silent admiration.
“Be? Or Not To Be? That is the question! ”I reflected in the words of the Danish prince, thinking about the possibility of taking possession of the beauty that night.
Nellie, apparently, also thought about this, obviously taking her guise of an irresistible seductress with a backward thought. 3x live sex.

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