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I MADLY wanted to feel the smell and moisture of her girls.
It was so manic that Natasha suddenly seized the initiative and began to caress my breasts.
I got lost all.
all screamed harder, maybe stronger.
I felt only her lips and tongue, asked to bite me.
She squeezed my breasts and bit them, sometimes sucking.
Natasha, I want you there.
Her hand immediately penetrated into my panties. I rubbed my girl’s hand on her hand, and she sat on me and on her hand, we rubbed each other together.
Her fingers moved vigorously around my clitoris.
For the first time, someone other than me touched him, caressed him, stirred him up.
I slid along her fingertip, pulling the skin over my clit.
And she moved “around”, then “down up”.
Then she got off me and located between my legs.
I felt the wind walking there.
Natasha began to caress the clitoris with one hand, and the second to enter her fingers into me.
First one, then two, and then three.
She laughed, purring as always, and I squirmed under her movements.
Natasha, you can go deeper, I want you deeper.
But instead, Natasha fell her mouth to my girl.
She sucked my clit, tormenting him in all directions.
Her tongue with an

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onslaught licked me, and I tried to press her even harder.
My Natasha.
I was blissful, but she finished off me, everything sucked until I jerked in ecstasy.
Opening my eyes I saw her eyes next to me.
What is she beautiful, her eyes, he flirts, excites, no one else I have not seen this.
She seemed to be saying, well, that you are happy.
I had no words, I just idolized her.
I just looked into her eyes and felt how, with our sighs, our bodies became even closer.

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I kissed her on the cheek, and her hand lay on her chest.
I wanted to caress her, deliver her to where I ended up thanks to her.
Putting Natasha on my back, I began to play with her breasts, but not as it was at the beginning – tremulously and gently, but sharply and harder.
Capturing her teeth, her nipple pulled away and chatted her head in different directions, then abruptly let go and grabbed the other.
I licked all her breasts as if it was my source of water.
But with all this, I knew where I want to find myself and manage.
I did not with this pull, spreading my legs, I looked at Natasha’s girl.
I blew on her, and ran a tongue over the edge of her lips.
And blew again.
Then she parted her lips gently, touching as little as possible.
And the tip of the tongue touched the clitoris itself.
She moaned, but I tried not to listen, I enjoyed it.
I made a few light circles around her clitoris and abruptly fell on her and began to suck with all my strength and rub my tongue against her clitoris.
She squirmed under my arms, moved her pelvis in a direction I did not understand, I held her tightly.
I moved my tongue below to her hole and began to penetrate them.
I pulled it out with all my might and began to poke at it and make circles.
Alternating the girl and her clit, I caressed her until I felt her juice.
The juice of my Natasha.
I licked him, I wanted her to be a part of me.
I returned to her upstairs, she was already in oblivion.
Her last words were, I want more.
Hugging, we slept all night.
And in the morning the usual Natasha returned.

It happened two years ago when I was in the eighth grade of one of the secondary schools in St. Petersburg.
All my friends, classmates were literally obsessed with sex and everything connected with it.
During the breaks, there was only talk about how and who fucked whom.
However, it was all a lie, we were all virgins, except, perhaps, one Pashka, the son of an alcoholic; she doesn’t give a damn about him, he learns the way he wants, wanders around.
But if these conversations were lies, then talk about masturbation – in any case.
Everyone was engaged in masturbation, always and almost everywhere.
Once our obezhist Semyon Ivanovich (I, of course, changed the name, like everyone else) caught Volodka red-handed in the toilet, slapped cuffs, said that if he saw again, he would tear the part off and tell everything to his parents. Young webcam anal tubes.

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