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And here – at all in different ways, everyone has their own measure.
– Tell me, could you also die for the treasure? She asked, and as if reading something in his eyes, she looked intently at them.
“Yes,” he smiled broadly, drawing her to him.
– Of course! There are two treasures for which I would have given my life without thinking.
– That’s how.
– Anna slightly leaned back and looked at him doubtfully.
Her attentive face, with a condemning expression in her huge eyes, made him laugh.
“The only treasure for me is you, my love, and our little Henri,” he said.
Then he grabbed it, pressed it to his chest, leaning back his shaggy head, gently embraced his plump mouth with his lips.
Anna trembled, a hot wave swept over her whole being, lifted, whirled in the swirling whirlwind of his burning kiss.
Devoid of will, Anna meekly lay in his arms, wanting only one thing – so that he never opened his arms, which became for her the most reliable refuge in the world.
Every day, every hour and every moment of her life, she more and more immersed herself in her love for a beautiful pirate.
He became her desire, the meaning of her existence, her master and slave.
Black velvet eyelashes fluttered, swollen sponges opened under the rapid onslaught of Duval’s greedy lips, let him in and surrendered to his gentle power.
Her thrill surrendered to him.
Her tender, trembling body in his hands, deep breathing and quiet moans bewitched, bewitched, forced to lose her mind.
I wanted to caress her endlessly, and never to end this magical night. Www sexi live.

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