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Waking up the next day in the arms of her son, Natasha woke him with kisses and a gentle bite on his earlobe.
Misha woke up.
The proximity of the female body and the awareness of the events of yesterday stirred up his, and his penis began to fill with blood, while causing some pain.
“How about a portion of morning sex?” Natasha cooed and began to stroke his cock.
Mishin’s sexual organ became as hard as wood and no longer sick.
Natasha climbed up on her son and began to kiss his face with kisses.
Then she sat on his cock, stroked his face, at the same time allowing Misha to suck her fingers thoroughly, and began to rhythmically raise and lower her waist.
Soon her movements sped up and became elliptical.
These elliptical movements made Mishin a member move up and down like a lever of a water pump, delivering Misha an enormous amount of pleasure.
So much so that his buttocks reflexively clenched, and his pelvis raised a little up.
Finally, Misha is thoroughly discharged into his mother’s vagina.
Natasha got down with a contented smile and stretched with pleasure, while bending her back.
Misha, who by that time had lost the rest of his shyness, gently stroked her naked body.
Natasha smiled charmingly, kissed him and asked: “Can you squeeze yourself out a little more?”
Mishin’s dick responded to his already familiar pain, which became something like the pain of an overtrained muscle, and got up a bit, but for sex it was still not firm enough.
“Nothing,” said Natasha, “then I will give you a blow job.”
She began to stroke his cock and kiss his feet. Teen sex cam.

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